Whoomp there it is! The RS Slalom MK6

by admin on June 30, 2014

Tweet After being off the market for a while, it’s back again! The Neilpryde RS Slalom MK6. I’m really happy with this news since there was no real replacement for this wonderful sail. Currently I own several RS Slaloms and was hoping for it to return because I’m looking to upgrade. Hope I can test […]


How to repair your windsurf boom grip

by Maarten on February 13, 2012

Tweet You probably have had it. Your favorite windsurf boom start to lose its grip. Especially with booms that are really durable. Simply because you can use them a longer and therefore you use them more intensely. I’ve had my last Neilpryde carbon boom for at least 5 years before I broke it and the […]


How to a make windsurfing sail

by Maarten on February 6, 2012

Tweet This cool video shows a time-lapse of how Ben Severne is building a Severe windsurfing sail. All the phases are shown. From getting all the panels ready, to putting the battens in the pockets, sawing on the mast luff and finally rigging the sail. Enjoy!


MauiSails TR-8 Video presentation

by Maarten on January 27, 2012

Tweet In this video, sail designer Artur Szpunar explains what the main focus points were during the development of the TR-8 racing sail. He also talks about what has been improved compared to last year. The TR-8 is MauiSails top of the line racing sail and will be used by sailors like Micah Buzianis (see Micah […]


Tweet We are just in the second part of 2011 and the first new 2012 windsurfing sails are hitting the market. North Sails released the new wave sail range for 2012. Besides familiar models, like the Ice and Duke, they also released two new ones. The new wave sails are called the Hero and ID […]


Tweet Finally I have the boards and sails that I always wanted. I went to BOOT (the boat show in Düsseldorf) and was lucky to find a Starboard isonic 121. A new one but then the 2010 model. I usually don’t buy new boards because buying them second hand can save you a lot of money. […]


How a new sail is born

by Maarten on March 5, 2011

Tweet The new March issue of the Windsurfer International Magazine has been released. As always, they have really good content. I liked the article about how a sail is developed from a concept to a sail in the real world. Barry Spanier himself talks you through the process. Go check it out.


New board

by Maarten on October 28, 2010

Tweet I set several goals in 2009. Finally I’ve reach one of them. I was planning to add more windsurfing boards to my quiver and so I did. I felt like I missed a lot of opportunities to surf and that had to be fixed. I had only a Starboard Hypersonic 105. This board has […]


Help with choosing a (Starboard) windsurf board

by Maarten on September 24, 2010

Tweet Starboard released a new tool to help you make a better board selection out of their range of windsurfing boards (and they have a lot of boards to choose from). I thinks it’s great that Starboard is releasing a tool like that. Off course will it help them to sell them the correct boards. […]


MauiSails TR-6 race sail in action

by Maarten on June 2, 2010

Tweet Maui Sails Just released a great action packed video about their fastest race sail, the TR-6. The sail designers Barry Spanier, Artur Szpunar and pro windsurfer Peter Volwater talk also about what has changed in this year`s TR-6. There is some great high-speed gybing in the video. So you can use this video to […]


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