New board

by Maarten on October 28, 2010

I set several goals in 2009. Finally I’ve reach one of them. I was planning to add more windsurfing boards to my quiver and so I did.

I felt like I missed a lot of opportunities to surf and that had to be fixed. I had only a Starboard Hypersonic 105. This board has an incredible range but since I put on some weight I wasn’t staying afloat anymore. And besides that, I got more interested in gps speedsurfing. The Hypersonic is super wide with 76 cm which is not good for top speeds. Last years I had also some setbacks because I had to replace some things due to crashes.Starboard Isonic 101 2008

Now I have the financial means to buy the boards that I want. Last week I bought a Starboard Isonic 101 (2008). This board will be my mid to high wind board. I didn’t go for a real speedsurfing board because those boards can only be used for that purpose and I want to do more than just go downwind.

The Hypersonic will be replaced by an Isonic 122 so I have optimal boards for light winds and a board for mid to high winds. I am still looking for the Isonic 122. (If you have one available you can contact me here).

Hopefully I will be able to improve my Personal Best at and have more fun time on the water.

Update: I have found an isonic 121 for a great price. Ready to go on the water!

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