Again, very interesting news around North Sails and pro windsurfer Bjorn Dunkerbeck. He will leave North Sails for Severne Sails! Actually, it is not a big surprise since Starboard en Severne Sails are working close together.

windsurfer Dunki to severne sails

This switch is in my opinion a remarkable choice. Before he was windsurfing with Neilpryde and North Sails. Both these brands are the biggest in the industry and thus have a lot of resources and knowledge in-house. I don’t expect Severne Sails to be on the same level as those two brands. Maybe it is a bit prejudice… for example, there are hardly any locals windsurfing with Severne Sails at my spot.

On the other hand, it’s great for Severne Sails. Bjorn is a personal brand like no other windsurfer and that will certainly have a positive influence on the sales. I also hope he will perform very well with these sails and can show everybody there are more sail brands than the few dominating the market.

Dunkerbeck switched from T1  Boards to Starboard earlier this year. We will see how he will perform with his new windsurfing equipment the upcoming season.

Source: Severne Sails

Update: Continent Seven has posted the first pictures from Dunkerbeck in action with his new Severne Sails.