Dunkerbeck secures the slalom world title 2011

by Maarten on August 14, 2011

Tweet Bjorn Dunkerbeck managed to secure the PWA slalom world title with still one event to go. Congratulations to Bjorn! Good to see someone else winning again. Not that I have anything against Antoine Albeau but after winning several world titles in a row it is good to see somebody else win again. The same […]


Bjorn Dunkerbeck in action

by Maarten on December 6, 2008

Tweet I ran in to some old footage from Bjorn Dunkerbeck in action while I was looking for news about the man.Bjorn Dunkerbeck is about to switch from North Sails to Severne Sails. It was cool to see a pro windsurfer like Dunkerbeck on my homespot Strand Horst, the Netherlands. Check out the footage over […]


Severne Sails new sponsor Bjorn Dunkerbeck!

by Maarten on December 5, 2008

Tweet Again, very interesting news around North Sails and pro windsurfer Bjorn Dunkerbeck. He will leave North Sails for Severne Sails! Actually, it is not a big surprise since Starboard en Severne Sails are working close together. This switch is in my opinion a remarkable choice. Before he was windsurfing with Neilpryde and North Sails. […]


PWA World Tour 2008 finished

by Maarten on October 7, 2008

Tweet On the PWA World Tour website you can read an extended report about the PWA World Cup event in Sylt. Bjorn Dunkerbeck managed to win the event with his new board sponsor Starboard.


Starboard new sponsor Bjorn Dunkerbeck

by Maarten on October 7, 2008

Tweet Finally, it’s clear. Starboard will be the new board sponsor for Bjorn Dunkerbeck. There were a lot of rumours about him switching to another board brand. Also here on madwindsurfing.com. Lately, Bjorn Dunkerbeck was not performing so well. In Turkey he showed he has still a lot of skills, but not on his regular […]


Björn Dunkerbeck to Starboard?

by Maarten on August 24, 2008

Tweet Björn Dunkerbeck was really a though guy to beat last PWA World Cup in Turkey. At last some resistance for the dominating Antoine Albeau! The most outstanding fact is the fact that Dunkerbeck wasn’t using his Thommen Boards which is his current sponsor! Even worse, he was using boards from his main competitor Starboard! […]