Point-7 new sail sponsor Martin van Meurs

by Maarten on January 5, 2011

Windsurfer Martin van Meurs

An interesting move from speedsurfer Martin van Meurs. He is switching sail sponsor! Point-7 will be delivering the sails for the 2011 season. Lets see if he can set new world records with the black beauties. Congratulations to Point-7 and Martin. Read the interview here


Neilpryde new sponsor Martin van Meurs

by Maarten on September 8, 2008

Dutch speedsurfer and initiator of gps-speedsurfing.com found a new sponsor! Neilpryde will provide his sails in the upcoming season. In this forum thread (in Dutch) he explains why he is switching. This is bad news for Maui Sails because they will lose a windsurfer that is really dedicated in promoting the windsurfing sport and specifically […]


Old windsurfing movie

by Maarten on February 20, 2006

Here is a short windsurfing video at Strand Horst (in the Netherlands). I was filming and just testing the camera on november 2003. By coincidence a few gps speedsurfers were on the water speeding. One of them was Neilpryde sponsored windsurfer Martin van Meurs. Check out the video here: