Whoomp there it is! The RS Slalom MK6

by admin on June 30, 2014

Tweet After being off the market for a while, it’s back again! The Neilpryde RS Slalom MK6. I’m really happy with this news since there was no real replacement for this wonderful sail. Currently I own several RS Slaloms and was hoping for it to return because I’m looking to upgrade. Hope I can test […]


Team and sponsor changes

by Maarten on March 21, 2010

Tweet For professional windsurfers sponsorship deals are an important part of their income. There are always a lot of things happening around that topic in the windsurfing industry. First of all, Angulo managed to get Gutek Kurczewski (POL-75) on their team. This young talent has a beautiful track record already, being the 2009 Junior Slalom […]


Neilpryde Magic Moments

by Maarten on July 28, 2009

Tweet Magic Moments – That’s the name for the new Neilpryde video. In this video you can expect full action images shot at the pwa world tour in Pozo. Antoine Albeau dominates the slalom windsurfing course and Ricardo Campello is attempting a triple loop. Campello didn’t get the $10.000 ,- that was promised to him […]


GPS Speedsurfing and Sponsoring

by Maarten on December 30, 2008

Tweet GPS-Speedsurfing.com has secured Neilpryde, Tushingham and Select as new sponsors. This is a very good development. GPS Speedsurfing is created and managed by volunteers so money is always needed to keep the site up and running. Creating and managing a site is not for free. Hosting, system administration, traffic are all things that must […]


Tweet On the Neilpryde website you can find fresh information about their ultimate racing machines. The RS Racing EVOII and the RS Slalom MKIII are updated with a some new features which makes them even better then last year. (According all the marketing info :-)).


Neilpryde new sponsor Martin van Meurs

by Maarten on September 8, 2008

Tweet Dutch speedsurfer and initiator of gps-speedsurfing.com found a new sponsor! Neilpryde will provide his sails in the upcoming season. In this forum thread (in Dutch) he explains why he is switching. This is bad news for Maui Sails because they will lose a windsurfer that is really dedicated in promoting the windsurfing sport and […]


Broken Neilpryde X6 mast

by Maarten on July 30, 2008

Tweet There were really good windsurfing conditions on November 21 st.  I was windsurfing at Muiderzand, the Netherlands. The wind was blowing with 22 knots. Unfortunately I was forced to swim back to the beach because my brand new Neilpryde X6 mast broke. After 30 minutes I was back on land again. Luckily I was […]