Whoomp there it is! The RS Slalom MK6

by admin on June 30, 2014

Tweet After being off the market for a while, it’s back again! The Neilpryde RS Slalom MK6. I’m really happy with this news since there was no real replacement for this wonderful sail. Currently I own several RS Slaloms and was hoping for it to return because I’m looking to upgrade. Hope I can test […]


How to a make windsurfing sail

by Maarten on February 6, 2012

Tweet This cool video shows a time-lapse of how Ben Severne is building a Severe windsurfing sail. All the phases are shown. From getting all the panels ready, to putting the battens in the pockets, sawing on the mast luff and finally rigging the sail. Enjoy!


Tweet We are just in the second part of 2011 and the first new 2012 windsurfing sails are hitting the market. North Sails released the new wave sail range for 2012. Besides familiar models, like the Ice and Duke, they also released two new ones. The new wave sails are called the Hero and ID […]


Point-7 2011 prototypes

by Maarten on February 28, 2010

Tweet The Point-7 team is working hard on the new sails for 2011. They look gorgeous as you can see on these pictures. The sails don’t contain any logo’s yet because they are prototypes. Point-7 is not a big sail brand in the Netherlands but with these sails that might change :-). For some reason […]


Naish Sails and Severne Sails update website

by Maarten on February 28, 2010

Tweet Naish Sails decided to update their website. It is available to you in four languages: English, French, German or Spanish. All the 2010 Naish Sails are on the website. Severne Sails also created a new website. The site is very good looking and you can find all the new 2010 sails on it. Also […]


MauiSails TR-6 2010 spotted!

by Maarten on November 25, 2009

Tweet I saw pictures on the french site Windsurfing44 with the new MauiSails TR-6 on it. This is one of the brand new windsurfing sails that will be part of the MauiSails 2010 range. The TR-6 is the successor to the MauiSails TR-5 which is a great sail. TR-6 will probably be available in these […]


Windsurfing sails 2009: Cut out or normal clew?

by Maarten on January 24, 2009

Tweet Most sail brands on the windsurf market have released the racing sails for 2009. Some of these racing windsurf sails have cut outs some don’t. But what are these cut outs? Take a look at this picture and focus especially on the clew of this sail.


10 golden slalom tuning tips

by Maarten on December 29, 2008

Tweet It doesn’t matter if it’s wave, freestyle, race or slalom, when you go out windsurfing your sail trim is important. Especially when speed is a big factor, then it’s even more important. Point-7 published 10 golden slalom tuning tips to get your trim right. Do you have great tuning tips to get your windsurfing […]