These 4 factors affect your speed

by Maarten on March 16, 2010

4. Build

Many windsurfers think that weight is a big factor in speed. Good physique does help. Because when you’re heavier you can more easily keep your windsurfing equipment under control.

Height also plays a role. Your body functions as a lever while windsurfing. If you’re taller you have more leverage than shorter people.
Does this mean that you aren’t able to go as fast as bigger sailors? Absolutely not! Build is the least important factor. For example, take Karin Jaggi. As a multiple world champion speedsurfing she proved many times that you can go very fast with a length of 168 cm.

Karin Jaggi Speedsurfing

Karin Jaggi going full speed.

3. Your windsurfing equipment

Often we hear windsurfers talking about their equipment. A special vin, an expensive carbon mast and the latest 2010 rig. A fast windsurfing board and sail will surely help you go faster.

One thing is really important. You have to be able to release the full potential of this expensive equipment. Otherwise you will be as fast, or perhaps faster, on your freeracer.

2. Rigging and tuning

Unleashing the full potential of your quiver has a lot to do with the correct rigging and tuning of every component. A fast speedsurfer knows how he must rig the sail and board to suit the conditions. And he knows how to tune every component to fit his own windsurfing style.

1. Technique and skill

Windsurfing is a dynamic sport. On a reach you will constantly make small adjustments to trim your sail and board. You will also react to the waves and other conditions in the water. A talented, experienced windsurfer know how to convert that one gust to acceleration and stays in control. The better you know how to react on the circumstances, the higher your end speed will be.


To accomplish high speeds you must learn and improve on all facets. Before buying new equipment I advice you to start with improving your skill and technique. Learn how your windsurfing gear works. That’s when you can get the biggest improvements that will matter most.

And eventually you will have more fun when you do buy new equipment because you learned how to use it to its full potential.
Do you also think that these factors impact your speed? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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Terril Winters March 25, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Hi there,

Couldn't agree more with the comments about getting to know your equipment & tuning it to perform at its best.

Maybe your readers would be interested in some of the posts on our Top Windsurfing Tips & News blog. There is a great post about how to choose the right size boards, sails & fins.

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