Windsurfing in 2009!

by Maarten on January 6, 2009

Starboard Hypersonic 105 and Neilpryde RS Slalom 7.8A lot of people have new years resolutions for 2009. Setting goals is better name in my opinion. A few of my goals are in different categories like sports, work or are related to this website. I will focus in this post on the windsurfing goals.

Since June 2007 I am actively involved with GPS windsurfing. I really enjoy windsurfing with a GPS despite I don’t own windsurfing equipment made for speedsurfing. Windsurfing with an GPS device will give you insight in your windsurfing accomplishments. You can learn for example:

  • if your board speed was right
  • The effect of small changes in your windsurfing equipment and stance
  • If you were on the correct course with the correct angle
  • By uploading your results on, you can compare them to other windsurfers that day

Windsurfing goals for 2009

The following goals I will try to accomplish with the help of a GPS device and the learning points I described above.

  • Upload at least 16 windsurfing sessions. Last years I was windsurfing without GPS are did not always upload the session. That’s valuable information lost! In total I uploaded 12 sessions. By being more on the water this year I will also have more sessions to upload.
  • More knowledge of my windsurfing equipment. With more knowledge about the equipment, I hope to get the full potential out of the board and sail.
  • Buy material focussed on high winds. Currently I am windsurfing on a Starboard Hypersonic 105 from 2003. Which is a great board but the board is more focused on mid winds instead of high winds. With a board designed for high winds it will be easier to get higher speeds.
  • Sharpen my personal records (PR). By combining all the above described points I hope to reach higher speeds. See here my current PRs in knots.
2008 2009
Average speed 29.07 32.8
Max. GPS (display) 32.83 35.6
Max. 2 sec. (software) 30.72 34.6
Max. 10 sec. run 30,02 32.9
100 m run 29.97 33.1
250 m run 29.59 32.4
500 m run 28.02 31.3
Nautical mile 23.83 27.3
1 hour 15.99 18.7
Alpha racing 18.42 21.1

What are your goals for 2009? Leave your goals in the comments!

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