Whoomp there it is! The RS Slalom MK6

by admin on June 30, 2014

After being off the market for a while, it’s back again! The Neilpryde RS Slalom MK6. I’m really happy with this news since there was no real replacement for this wonderful sail. Currently I own several RS Slaloms and was hoping for it to return because I’m looking to upgrade. Hope I can test it somewhere so I can make my own pictures and I can write up a review. What do you think? Would you buy it?

RS SLalom MK6

RS SLalom MK6

RS SLalom MK6

RS SLalom MK6

I found these pics online. If you know who I made them, please contact me.

Update – The RS Slalom is not part of the Neilpryde line up anymore. The sale closest to the RS Slalom is the Neilpryde V8, which is also an awesome sail.


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Red Bull Storm Chasers Highlight reel 2

by admin on February 3, 2013

Wow, these guys know how to sail tough conditions! it’s good to see they also struggle with the extremely heavy conditions sometimes ;-). Loads of respect. Check out these fantastic shot:

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Windsurfer international magazine May 2012

by Maarten on May 21, 2012

windsurfer international magazine May 2012
The Windsurfer International Magazine is out again! Recommended read: How to do a slam gybe

Inside this month:
Storm Chase 2012: RedBull Bring it Back
The Hard Yards: Dany Bruch Interview
Olympic Flames: Out But Not Down
Delta Force: Concept Fin Test

EFPKT Marseille: ProKids Season Opening Preview
Handirack: Inflatable Travel System Reviewed
Tip Clip: Double Puneta
Winner to Wavesailor: Slam Gybe the Funk
Video Wall: The Past Month’s Best Movies
Beach Telegraph: News Section
Eco Updates: +H2O Clean Kahului Harbour

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Windsurf clinic by Davy Scheffers

by Maarten on March 22, 2012

Dutch windsurfer Davy Scheffers is going to help you improve your windsurfing skills. He will teach you new moves or help you improve your current tricks. The clinics are for both starters in freestyle and advanced freestylers. See the flyer for more info. You can sign up over here.

Windsurf clinics by Davy Scheffers

If you have any doubt about Davy’s skills, than you should check out this video. Even in the slow motion it’s hard to track what’s really happening.

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Windsurfer international magazine march 2012

by Maarten on March 10, 2012

One of the best windsurf magazines on the planet released another edition! Go check it out.

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fanatic north sails dvd rail to rail

Fanatic released an action packed promotional DVD. Featuring some of the best windsurfers in the world, namely: Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Klaas Voget, Nayra Alonso, Peter Volwater, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Laure Treboux, Yoli de Brendt, Nik Baker, Craig Gertenbach, Sebastian Wenzel.

The video also features lots of wave sailing action. So if you into that it’s certainly worth your time. If you are a racer….well, then you may be disappointed. Not a lot of footage on that discipline.

What is the best part? In my opinion the best part is the section shot at Peahi/Jaws, starting at 21:28. I would be so intimidating to look up the face of such a big wave.

Don’t forget to crank up the quality on youtube. It’s available in HD 720 and 1080.

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Led snowboarder

by Maarten on February 18, 2012

Off-topic but I hope it will give you some inspiration for your next sessions in the snow, on the water, in the streets or wherever. Beautiful imagery.

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How to repair your windsurf boom grip

by Maarten on February 13, 2012

You probably have had it. Your favorite windsurf boom start to lose its grip. Especially with booms that are really durable. Simply because you can use them a longer and therefore you use them more intensely. I’ve had my last Neilpryde carbon boom for at least 5 years before I broke it and the grip was loosening on multiple places. Tim Hemer wrote an excellent guide on how to repair your boom. That way you can still enjoy your boom for many years to come. Go check it out.

How to repair your windsurf boom grip

Thanks Tim!

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Windsurf video: Starboard movie 2012

by Maarten on February 9, 2012

Windsurfer international magazine released its 26th issue. The piece of content I recommend you to check out is the Starboard movie. This video shows all the top riders from the 2012 Starboard team rippin’ on the most beautiful spots. You can compare it a bit to the Mistral Committed Reloaded movie. That movie was more focused on showing the new talented windsurfers. The starboard movie is more about showing the wide range of windsurfing boards Starboard produces.



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In search of the next Miss Reef

by Maarten on February 6, 2012

The Miss Reef 2012 election is around the corner. The organization of this exiting contest is looking for gorgeous girls, therefore they need your help with finding a potential new Miss Reef. Do you know someone? Ask her to sign up ;-).

Think you stand a chance between the other potential Miss Reef models? Then sign up  now! Make sure you send in some good photos with your entry so the organizers have a clear picture of you. Who knows, you may get crowned as the new Miss Reef during the Planet Reef party.

Miss Reef 2012

Are you the new Miss Reef 2012?


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