In the end every windsurfer wants to be on the water as often as possible. Unfortunately this is not always possible. In you spare time you probably want to know all the latest news and updates in the windsurfing world.

This article will give you 7 ways to get all the latest windsurfing news

  1. Windsurfing Blogs and websites

    Off course are weblogs and websites great resources to keep you informed. A lot of windsurfers are keeping a blog. But not only windsurfers are keeping blogs. Also windsurfers involved with organizing invents or even jurors (in Dutch) from the PWA World Tour. The quality of weblogs can vary from really crap to totally cool. Also keep in mind that the source of the news is not always certain.

    Here are a few example blogs and websites:

  2. Windsurfing forums and communities

    A lot of windsurfing websites have a forum nowadays. On these forum all kinds of topics are discussed. They also usually have a category with the latest windsurfing news. is the most famous forum in the Netherlands.

    Other international examples are:

  3. Search engines

    Google is the Search engine worldwide. Everybody knows Google, but only the main homepage. But there is more! Google also has a search engine specialized searching trough blogs. Check for you self at Google Blog Search

    Google Blog Search will give you different results than the “normal” Google pages. With this knowledge you can find new information that you haven’t found before in the “normal” Google.

  4. Newsletters & press releases

    A lot of websites offer the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter.  Often you can find In these newsletter extra information which can be found on the website. These extra tips or news facts are offered to “reward” people for subscribing.

    A lot of brands are using press releases. A press release is a short news item in which a brand (for example Starboard)will give you information about new products or something other newsworthy. You can get these press releases when you are on the press list of a certain brand. When you are on it, you will be the first one to receive the news.

    For example: O’neill also has a special press center on which you can find all kind of information about the brand.

  5. Windsurfing events

    Several times a year big windsurfing events are being held. The Mission, Gruissan Speed meeting are two example of those events. At those events attract all kind of people. Also windsurf distribitors and their teamriders. They are usually very knowledgeable about the new products and can tell you all the ins and outs.

    A few years bag the watersport trade fairs were also a good place to look for windsurfing news. But the  Hiswa and Boot (Dusseldorf, Germany) are not what they use to be.

  6. Windsurfing shops

    The bigger windsurf shop have personel that are working with the new windsurfing products all day. It’s also part of their job to keep themselfs informed. At the beginning of the season the distribitors will organize dealer/ product meetings to inform the shops and their employees about the latest products and trends. Sometimes it’s possible to attend a dealer meeting.

    A few big shops in the Netherlands are:

  7. On the beach!

    Off course! On the beach are a lot of enthousiastic windsurfters that love to talk about the sport. Some of them are really well informed. Also the sponsored teamriders usually have something new to tell you. Especially when they are involved with the development of the windsurfing equipement.

As you van see, there are a lot of ways to keep yourself informed! Do you have any other tips? How do you keep yourself informed? Leave your tip in the comments!