Dutch windsurfer Ben van der Steen (NED-57) will be participating in a new movie project. This project will be run by New World Spirits which created already some cool outdoor sports movies.  At the moment Ben is busy with filmmaker Tomas Miklautsch and the film crew creating the documentary style movie.

Here is a quote from Ben van der Steen:

We are now in The south Of Chile were we will go and sail on the mountain lakes for the next week and after we will go to Lago de Argentina were we will go and sail in front of the glassiers with big pieces of ice braking of it. When we are done there we will start and attempt to round the cape horn on a windsurfing board as the second windsurfers (Ben van der Steen) (Tine Slabe) to ever sail around the horn.

This all will be filmed and photographed by New World Spirits  which is run by legendary adventure windsurfer Tomas Miklautsch. And it will be made in to a documentary that will be spread and sold by redbull world wide.

Here are two great examples of what we can expect of this new movie. These short fragments are from the same movie makers.

Windsurfing under the Golden Gate bridge:

Extreme glacier windsurfing in Patagonia:

Source: Simmerstyle.com