Björn Dunkerbeck was really a though guy to beat last PWA World Cup in Turkey. At last some resistance for the dominating Antoine Albeau! The most outstanding fact is the fact that Dunkerbeck wasn’t using his Thommen Boards which is his current sponsor! Even worse, he was using boards from his main competitor Starboard!

Bjorn Dunkerbeck leading on Starboard Isonic in Alacati

On were a lot of people speculating why he was not windsurfing on his own Thommen boards. It seems clear to me. He is looking for new and faster windsurfing equipment to be competitive again. His achievements are not as good as a few years ago. And the word is going around that Bjorn Dunkerbeck will also loose North Sails has his Sail sponsor. So he is shopping around!

According to this post (in dutch) Björn Dunkerbeck appeared in Turkey with a full quiver of Starboards AND F2 boards. His preference seems obvious. Dunkerbeck was the whole event on Starboard. Lets see which brand he will use during the PWA event in Sylt.