Last week on Wednesday was a great evening to go out on the water after a day working. The wind strength and direction was good. At the beach I rigged my 7.8 RS Slalom sail since I thought it was around 15-20 knots. Unfortunately I was wrong…

sail broken rs slalom

The wind was much stronger! After one reach I decided to go back and change to a smaller sail. But… on the way back I lost my balance and crashed. One of the panels was severely damaged and my Neilpryde Carbon boom was broken in two pieces. Luckily I was wearing my 5/4 wetsuit which reduced the chance of hypothermia.

boom broken Neilpryde carbon

Now I’m looking for a new boom. I hope you can help me decide which boom I should choose.

These are my requirements
–    Heavy Duty (I am a heavy sailor)
–    Max. budget is 800 euro
–    Boom has to fit on my RS Slalom 6.7 and 7.8

Which boom would you buy?


Do you have another suggestion? Please leave a comment.