Boot 2009 DüsseldorfYesterday I visited Boot 2009 in Dusseldorf, one of the biggest water sports fairs in Europe. Like I said last week, Boot was always the place to be for Windsurf news, checking new windsurfing equipment but also to buy windsurfing equipment. The last few years the fair really diminished (at least with windsurfing stuff). Also this edition of Boot 2009.

I arrived at Boot 2009 after an one and a half hour drive. At the fair is everything really well managed. You will be directed to your parking space (which costs 6 euro). After which you can hop on an a bus (free) which drives you to the entrance of Boot 2009. Quickly I bought an entrance ticket (15 euro) and on to the windsurfing exposition! This time you can find all the windsurf stuff in hall 1 and 2.

In hall 1 are a hand full of wind-, kite- ans surf trip expositors. After collecting some brochures you can leave hall 1 again. Simply because this hall is hardly filled with windsurfing. About 60% is not windsurf related.

Hall 2 is what you expect from Boot 2009. Filled with stands from shop owners offering all kinds of windsurfing equipment. Not all expositors are windsurf related. Other trend sports like wake boarding, ice surfing and kite surfing are also represented. Don’t expect stands from Big Brands like Neilpryde or North Sails. The return on investment is probably not big enough for these brand to be on Boot 2009. For most it is a big windsurf market.

The prices for the windsurfing equipment is not bad but also not super cheap. You can also get these prices by watching the offers at your local windsurf shop. Don;t expect big shows from the big brands because they are not at Boot. Then it’s certainly worth the trip, especially if you like more then windsurfing alone. Boot 2009 really excels in other water sports.

Boot 2009 North Sails price list

Boot 2009 overview

Boot 2009 windsurf boards

Boot 2009 overview 2

Boot 2009 F1 Power boat