There were really good windsurfing conditions on November 21 st.  I was windsurfing at Muiderzand, the Netherlands. The wind was blowing with 22 knots. Unfortunately I was forced to swim back to the beach because my brand new Neilpryde X6 mast broke. After 30 minutes I was back on land again. Luckily I was wearing my winter steamer because it was very cold!

Last Saturday I returned the mast to the windsurfing shop. They couldn’t tell me if I would get a new mast. Probably this is just a warranty case otherwise I will be pissed. My mast broke low in the base. If your mast breaks at boom height people will think you put on the boom to tight. But that is not possible in my case…let’s see what happens.

Update: After a few weeks I received a brand new base without any costs.