Not a lot of wind

by Maarten on October 3, 2008

Tweet This week was a bit of  unfortunate. All the time there was a lot of wind, and I missed it all! Maybe I was in the wrong place…Anyway, tomorrow a new chance!


Becoming fit for windsurfing by doing push ups

by Maarten on September 28, 2008

Tweet A few week I was writing about the 100 push up program. A few friends of mine and I started enthusiastic with the push up program. We wanted to gain more strength and a higher fitness level in general. They did it for wave surfing and i did it for windsurfing. They training seemed […]


To funny! The windsurfing song

by Maarten on August 31, 2008

Tweet Check this great windsurfing song…to much fun!! En those guys are Dutch to!


Stacked a Windsurf Movie!

by Maarten on August 25, 2008

Tweet Like announced a few days back, Stacked a windsurf movie has been released. Check out the 10 minute video stacked with action from Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura: Let me know what your opinion is about the video! Personaly I liked the action but  Committed Reloaded was more professional with more high quality shots. The […]


Slow motion skateboarding video

by Maarten on August 25, 2008

Tweet While this has nothing to do windsurfing, it is still a nice movie. This slow motion skateboard video is breath taking. The high frame rate opens the opportunity to see every movement of the skater. This movie is filmed with a RED camera.


Testing the Samsung m110

by Maarten on August 11, 2008

Tweet Bright talks about the phone best suited for the beach. This time they will test the number 2 phone from the list. The really use some heavy duty testing to stress the phone to the max. The Samsung m110 is performing really great in each test untill they drown the phone. Very funny to […]


You don’t want be hit by this thing!

by Maarten on August 8, 2008

Tweet I ran into this movie. It’s a thunderbolt filmed in slow motion. You don’t want be hit by this thing!


Top 5 mobile beach phones?

by Maarten on July 30, 2008

Tweet Lifestyle magazine Bright has created a top 5 of mobiles phones best rugged for the beach. And since windsurfers are trying to be on the beach as often as they can, these mobile phones must be suited for you. The casing must be at least water- and dust proof. Currently I own a Nokia […]


Fit for windsurfing?

by Maarten on July 27, 2008

Tweet When you go windsurfing being in a good physical condition  is essential. There are a lot of ways to get your physical fitness to a good level. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this are push ups. You don’t have to buy anything or have to go somewhere. Every place is […]


Planet Reef party

by Maarten on July 15, 2008

Tweet Last Thursday I have written an announcement about the Dutch planet Reef Party. Here is another short update. I found a short movie on the Planet Reef site which looked cool. Judge for yourself :-). Update: Would you like to win a Miss Reef Calendar? Click here.


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