Worst windsurfing season ever

by Maarten on January 8, 2010

Tweet 2009 was for me one of my worst windsurfing seasons ever. I set some nice targets at the beginning of 2009 but none of them are reached…


Kevin Langeree world champion kitesurfing

by Maarten on November 29, 2009

Tweet Dutch kitesurfer Kevin Langeree has become the world champion kitesurfing! What a great achievement for the young Dutchman. Check out some actionshots:


Fanatic welcomes Peter Volwater

by Maarten on November 15, 2009

Tweet Pro windsurfer Peter Volwater is switching to Fanatic after being sponsored by F2 for 15 years. Good move if you ask me because Fanatic has a great team and is one of the most innovative brands in the windsurfing world. This is what Peter Volwater has to say: After 15 years of successful collaboration, […]


Freestyle videos for the sunday afternoon

by Maarten on November 15, 2009

Tweet If your aren’t at the water windsurfing today, then I have two fun freestyle movies for you. This first video shows Steven van Broeckhoven (B72) during a training session in Tarifa. This movie shows the 15 year old windsurfer Nick van Ingen (H-122). What is this guy good for his age! The action shots […]


Bongka? What’s that?

by Maarten on July 19, 2009

Tweet Do you know what a bongka is? Gollito Estrodo wrote on his blog that he added the bongka to his freestyle arsenal. Check here how he jumps this new freestyle move at the PWA World Cup on Gran Canaria.


Finian not always a gentleman

by Maarten on July 15, 2009

Tweet Finian Maynard (KV-11) was probably pissed off since he pulled a fellow windsurfer from his board, as shown in the video below. I’m wondering what they are talking about and it’s not clear why Finian acted like that. Phil Horrocks reports about the Gran Canaria PWA World Tour for Boardseeker magazine. Check out the […]


Kitesurfers in trouble

by Maarten on May 9, 2009

Tweet Friday afternoon seem to be a great surfing day, but it turned out to be a horrible day. Because of the unpredictable weather several kitesurfers had an accident.

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7 ways to get the latest windsurfing news

by Maarten on April 14, 2009

Tweet In the end every windsurfer wants to be on the water as often as possible. Unfortunately this is not always possible. In you spare time you probably want to know all the latest news and updates in the windsurfing world. This article will give you 7 ways to get all the latest windsurfing news


Windsurfing rap

by Maarten on April 2, 2009

Tweet Check out this video. It’s tha bomb! He raps about windsurfing and what it’s all about. Hang loose!


The best windsurfing wallpapers

by Maarten on February 7, 2009

Tweet Here is a collection with some of the best windsurfing wallpapers I could find. Every year big photo shoots are organized by the big windsurfing brands in the industry because they need new image material for their brochures. Wallpapers are of course also a great way to promote your brand. It is free exposure. […]


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