Severne Sails new sail sponsor Karin Jaggi

by Maarten on January 29, 2009

Tweet Severne Sails will become the new sail sponsor for Karin Jaggi! A few weeks ago people were speculating if Severne Sails or Maui Sails would become the new sail sponsor for Jaggi. Severne Sails has a really strong racing team because of this transfer. Bjorn Dunkerbeck is also on the team and doesn’t need […]


Tweet Windsurfers Gollito Estredo and Yoli Brendt are rewarded with an award from the Venezuelan government. They receive this award because they are a great example for the children in Venezuela. It’s great that you can contribute something to the community by windsurfing. This is what Gollito has to say about it: A just had […]


MauiSails new sponsor Karin Jaggi?

by Maarten on January 7, 2009

Tweet Word is going around that Karin Jaggi is looking for a new sponsor. MauiSails and Severne Sails are two brands mentioned as possible sponsor. Barry Spanier confirmed on the MauiSails forum that they are not  planning to hire Karin Jaggi and it are definite rumors. Who will sponsor Karin Jaggi is uncertain, but she […]


Peter Volwater to Maui Sails

by Maarten on December 24, 2008

Tweet Peter Volwater has MauiSails as his new sail sponsor. North Sails was his former employee. Dennis Littel and Josh Angulo have shown that you can go fast with the MauiSails TR-4 , see also MauiSails on track!. Peter Volwater announced his transfer on his own blog. This is what he said. Today it’s official […]


Longest windsurfer in the world!

by Maarten on December 23, 2008

Tweet This Coca Cola windsurfer is the longest windsurfer that is ever build. Off course it’s build by a dutch guy :). Really cool to see how other windsurfers are jumping over the board while the are windsurfing. It would be a pain in the ass to transport this thing though.


Windsurfers livechat

by Maarten on December 17, 2008

Tweet is organising a livechat session with Germanspeaking top freestyle windsurfers Andre Paskowski, Fabian Weber and Michael Roßmaier. These gentlemen will start chatting at 8 PM. One note, they will probably chat in German.


Windsurf action videos!

by Maarten on December 14, 2008

Tweet Lately there were some nice conditions to go windsurfing, except for the cold! For me it’s to cold now to go out on the water. Luckily we still have the Internet to kill some time :-). Check out these two videos. JP Australia has footage from Robby Swift. He made a windsurfing trip to […]


Severne Sails new sponsor Bjorn Dunkerbeck!

by Maarten on December 5, 2008

Tweet Again, very interesting news around North Sails and pro windsurfer Bjorn Dunkerbeck. He will leave North Sails for Severne Sails! Actually, it is not a big surprise since Starboard en Severne Sails are working close together. This switch is in my opinion a remarkable choice. Before he was windsurfing with Neilpryde and North Sails. […]


JP Australie new sponsor Antoine Albeau!

by Maarten on November 27, 2008

Tweet Another remarkable sponsor switch in the windsurfing world. World champion Antoine albeau will leave his Isonic Starboards and switches them for the Slalom boards from JP Australia. Rumors about Antoine switching were everywhere, especially after dunkerbeck switched to Starboard. Antoine Albeau signed a three years contract with his new sponsor. A quote from himself: […]


Peter Volwaters new website

by Maarten on November 15, 2008

Tweet Professional windsurfer Peter Volwater (NED-24) has a new website. You can find photos, videos and reports from his trips. His blog looks very up to date but the design is not completely my thing. Mainly because the designer used several fonts instead of just choosing one font. Nonetheless is Peter Volwater one of the […]


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