Surfer Kelly Slater World Champion again!

by Maarten on October 11, 2008

Tweet Kelly Slater secured the world title for the Ninth time. This surfer is also the youngest and oldest world champion the tour has ever known. Kelly seems to be some kind of Bjorn Dunkerbeck :-). Not windsurfing related but a remarkable achievement which is worth mentioning.


Starboard new sponsor Bjorn Dunkerbeck

by Maarten on October 7, 2008

Tweet Finally, it’s clear. Starboard will be the new board sponsor for Bjorn Dunkerbeck. There were a lot of rumours about him switching to another board brand. Also here on Lately, Bjorn Dunkerbeck was not performing so well. In Turkey he showed he has still a lot of skills, but not on his regular […]


Windsurf channel crossing

by Maarten on September 9, 2008

Tweet Two top windsurfers, Antoine Albeay and Guy Cribb, are going to cross the channel. They are not doing this on a quiet Sunday afternoon with 4 bft. No, they are planning this trip when the next storm is knocking on the door. This attempt is not without a cause. Antoine and Guy are asking […]


Neilpryde new sponsor Martin van Meurs

by Maarten on September 8, 2008

Tweet Dutch speedsurfer and initiator of found a new sponsor! Neilpryde will provide his sails in the upcoming season. In this forum thread (in Dutch) he explains why he is switching. This is bad news for Maui Sails because they will lose a windsurfer that is really dedicated in promoting the windsurfing sport and […]


Björn Dunkerbeck to Starboard?

by Maarten on August 24, 2008

Tweet Björn Dunkerbeck was really a though guy to beat last PWA World Cup in Turkey. At last some resistance for the dominating Antoine Albeau! The most outstanding fact is the fact that Dunkerbeck wasn’t using his Thommen Boards which is his current sponsor! Even worse, he was using boards from his main competitor Starboard! […]


Flying windsurfer?

by Maarten on August 21, 2008

Tweet Some of you probably know this video already but I still think it is worth posting. The guy in the video is using a customized vin which is designed to lift you out of the water. Consider the huge advantage that you will have on spots where the water is to choppy to go […]


New windsurf video STACKED announced

by Maarten on August 18, 2008

Tweet A new windsurf video is going to be released by Andre Poskowski. He will put the video on his Youtube channel on the 25th of august. You will find 10 minutes packed with freestyle and waveaction. Check out the Stacked trailer:


Top windsurfer Micah Buzianis has broken leg!

by Maarten on July 24, 2008

Tweet Top windsurfer Micah Buzianis (US-34) has broken his lake during the PWA World cup on Fuerteventura. Martin Brandner reports: We toke him to the hospital to find out what is wrong and after 30 minutes we get the shocking news. His leg is broken (fibula) and probably was at least partly broken since he […]


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