Sonntag fins, a new brand on the market

by Maarten on April 30, 2010

Tweet I saw Sonntag Fins putting up their new website and leaving me with some questions and wanting to know more about this relatively new brand on the market. So I mailed teamrider Erik Loots and asked him the following questions. What is the unique selling point for Sonntag? In what kind of way does […]


MauiSails brochure 2010 now online

by Maarten on January 13, 2010

Tweet MauiSails released the 2010 catalog, information about their high performance sails like the TR-6 is also included. Take a look over here.


MauiSails TR-6 2010 spotted!

by Maarten on November 25, 2009

Tweet I saw pictures on the french site Windsurfing44 with the new MauiSails TR-6 on it. This is one of the brand new windsurfing sails that will be part of the MauiSails 2010 range. The TR-6 is the successor to the MauiSails TR-5 which is a great sail. TR-6 will probably be available in these […]


Blade 2010 in action

by Maarten on August 31, 2009

Tweet Severne Sails is one of those sailbrands promoting their 2010 windsurfing sails. Scott McKercher shows that with the Blade 2010 you don’t have to hold back. Checkout this video below.


Boom and sail broken

by Maarten on June 4, 2009

Tweet Last week on Wednesday was a great evening to go out on the water after a day working. The wind strength and direction was good. At the beach I rigged my 7.8 RS Slalom sail since I thought it was around 15-20 knots. Unfortunately I was wrong…


Mistral and Anders Bringdal collaboration!

by Maarten on May 15, 2009

Tweet Mistral told in an press release that they and Anders Bringdal have reach an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for windsurf boards. As result a new generation of Mistral boards will be produced. Anders Bringdal is a four times world champion windsurfer and he doesn’t look bad on the speed tracks as well :-). Mistral […]


Starboard: an inside look

by Maarten on May 14, 2009

Tweet The french Windsurf Magazine had a great inside look in the headquarters of Starboard. Windsurfer Cyril Moussilmani showed them around. A while back I posted a video from Kevin Pritchard who was also talking about Starboard and testing the iSonic windsurf boards. He showed a lot in his video, at least that was what […]


Windsurf board repair

by Maarten on May 3, 2009

Tweet Finally! After 3,5 weeks I have my windsurf board back. I damaged my board the first windsurfing session of the season. It was not a big ding but because I’m not that handy I decided to bring my windsurfing board to a well known shop in the Netherlands. It’s called Telstar in Harderwijk. When […]


MauiSails TR-5 and TR-5xt in action!

by Maarten on February 26, 2009

Tweet MauiSails has this season two high end racing sails in their assortment: the TR-5 and the TR-5xt. Read here a short explanation of the difference between the two models.


New Angulo Magnum slalom boards

by Maarten on February 14, 2009

Tweet Josh Angulo has a great presentation about his new windsurfing boards. He is explaining three main concepts which make these boards different from other slalom boards on the market.


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