Windsurfing sails 2009: Cut out or normal clew?

by Maarten on January 24, 2009

Tweet Most sail brands on the windsurf market have released the racing sails for 2009. Some of these racing windsurf sails have cut outs some don’t. But what are these cut outs? Take a look at this picture and focus especially on the clew of this sail.


Kevin Pritchard talks about testing at Starboard

by Maarten on December 24, 2008

Tweet Kevin Pritchard posted on his blog that he went to Thailand to test new shapes at the Starboard development headquarters a few days ago. In the short movie he tells us how the testing is going. I don’t get the impression that testing windsurf boards is a very stressful job Update: Unfortunately the movie […]


Overview Tabou Boards 2009

by Maarten on December 15, 2008

Tweet Matt Pritchard presents in this video the new Tabou board range for 2009. I am really interested in the Tabou Manta. I read some testimonials and reviews which were very postive about these boards. The Mantas seem to be very quick, also in choppie conditions. The striping is also none standard. I hope I […]


Tweet On the Neilpryde website you can find fresh information about their ultimate racing machines. The RS Racing EVOII and the RS Slalom MKIII are updated with a some new features which makes them even better then last year. (According all the marketing info :-)).


North Sails Warp F2009 spotted!

by Maarten on October 11, 2008

Tweet I spotted the new North Sails Warp F2009 on a french site. The Warp has a beautiful design and there is probably nothing wrong with the performance of this sail. The top brands in the industry are all producing high quality windsurfing sails and there are almost no sails that are a waste of […]


Windsurfing equipment RRD 2009 unofficially online

by Maarten on September 8, 2008

Tweet A lot of big brands are restyling there website. RRD (Roberto Ricci Design) is also busy with the developments. All windsurfing info is, despite the developments, already accessible. RRD is using this URL to the windsurfing equipment. With a small tweak the new page is shown. This links referring to the new equipment:


New concept: AHD Sealion

by Maarten on September 1, 2008

Tweet Advanced Hull Dynamics (AHD) launched a new concept which seems to go hand in hand with the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Hype. It is possible with a SUP board to get on the waves even before a longboard surfer can go on them. The AHD Sealion has the same possibilities as an Stand Up […]


Tweet On the French site Transjai I found an interview with Anders Bringdal. He talks about one of his new AB Board shapes and he explains why the board is shaped this way. Check out the video:


Fanatic introduceert windsurfgear 2009

by Maarten on August 5, 2008

Tweet Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach announced the new 2009 product line. The new windsurfing equipment will be innovative shapes that are created by doing lots of research and testing. At Fanatic they really know how to shape a boards. Their second position in the PWA Constructors Championships ranking is prove of that. The constructors […]


Mistral Committed Reloaded!

by Maarten on August 3, 2008

Tweet Mistral Windsurf has put a fresh website online with all the new windsurf gear for 2009. They also released a promotional video with all there talented team riders. The movie Mistral Committed Reloaded is featuring PWA World Champion Marcilio Brawzinho Browne (BRA-105), Diony Guadagnino (V-69), Francisco Porcella (I-69) and windsurf legend Nik Baker (K-66). […]


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