A few week I was writing about the 100 push up program. A few friends of mine and I started enthusiastic with the push up program. We wanted to gain more strength and a higher fitness level in general. They did it for wave surfing and i did it for windsurfing. They training seemed relatively easy. Doing push ups for about 6 weeks and you are able to do 100 push ups. We were noticing some progression but not enough to do really 100 push ups within 6 weeks.

push ups and windsurfing

Several of my friends had light injuries because of the push ups. The trainings program really pushes you to the limit which makes it hard to do the push ups correctly. So really focus on doing the exercise correctly. Don’t over do it! Are you not able to hold the correct posture anymore…stop with the exercise and continue when you are recovered.

It was a nice experiment but I will go back to the gym. Especially now it has been bad windsurfing circumstances, it is really important to have good physical fitness when the wind starts picking up.