5 reasons to join the GPS Team Challenge

by Maarten on March 4, 2010

Have you ever thought about joining the GPS Team Challenge or starting GPS speedsurfing? Here are 5 reasons why I joined this challenge and hopefully you will also after reading these reasons.

  1. Learn more about my favorite sport windsurfing

    Windsurfing has always been my favorite sport and I am windsurfing since I was eleven. After a while I noticed I reached a plateau. I wasn’t getting any faster or improving on other fields for that matter. By joining the Dutch Fun Speeders Team I hope I can remove that barrier and improve my windsurfing skills.

  2. Socialize with other speedsurfers

    The cool thing about a team effort is…well…it’s a team effort! And thus you are able to meet new people. Windsurfing is normally an individual sport. By joining a team will open up the opportunity to discuss your set and talk to other people with the same mindset.

  3. To keep myself extra motivated all year-long

    Sometimes it is hard to get out on the water, especially if the forecast is not that good. Getting all the windsurfing equipment out of the storage into the car. Rigging the sail etc. It can be a big hassle compared to other sports like normal surfing. Having teammates can help you overcome this a bit easier. And usually, it is worthwhile.

  4. Share interesting new learning’s

    Besides learning new stuff for myself I will try sharing the gained knowledge as much as possible through this blog. I really enjoy sharing things which make enthusiastic. And this way I can hopefully make other windsurfers enthusiastic about GPS speedsurfing. And maybe get other people motivated to start windsurfing.

  5. To have (more) fun on the water!

    And this is probably the most important reason, to have fun! The rush you will get when going down wind and pushing the limits is awesome. It’s a natural drug. The kick will even be greater after looking on you GPS to see you have a new personal best.

Hopefully you can relate to my reasons for joining the GPS Team challenge. What do you think after reading these reasons? are you going to join the challenge?

Windsurfing Curacao Spanish Waters

Having fun on the water, Spanish Waters - CuraƧao

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Elmo March 5, 2010 at 6:27 am

The teams challenge gives you the best excuse to go out sailing "the team needs me".

The best part of the teams challenge though is the comradery.

We get days where we'll have a number of different teams down, we all pretty much know what peoples PB's are and when someone does that special run there is always someone there offering their heartfelt congratulations.

The balance of the competition is such that you need a diverse range of sailors for the different categories.

These different categories also take a bit of the sting out of specialized speed spots as well.

Made so many friends (which I've never met) through the challenge, pushed my limits and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

Hope you like it as much


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