The weather forecast is fantastic for this weekend, lots of sun but probably no wind. But who says that you need a lot of fun to rip hard? There are plenty ways to have fun on low wind days.

Check out this low wind freestyle session… Impressive! That will take a lot of hours practicing to get on that skill level.

I really enjoy browsing Windsurfing Magazine or Boards when there is no wind. Magazines like these will give you a ton of background information. The “latest” news will probably be known to you since you can read it on the internet. But despite of that, it is still very valuable to read those kind of magazines.

SUP or Stand Up Paddle surfing is hot. I can imagine that SUP doesn’t appeal to you at all. Surf legend Robby Naish has a great promotional surf videos online which shows that SUP doesn’t have to be boring at all. Or even better… grab an SUP board and go out on the water. Then you can really tell what you think of it. Robby Naish must be a lucky man being able to do all those surf sports like windsurfing, kitesurfing and normal surfing. See you on the water!