MauiSails has this season two high end racing sails in their assortment: the TR-5 and the TR-5xt. Read here a short explanation of the difference between the two models.

After four seasons the MauiSails TR-5 has become a well balanced sails. Easily said the TR-5xt is the lightweight version of the TR-5. The lower weight can be reach because of the use of lighter material that is still strong and offers great stability (called Dimension™ Technora™). There are also small differences in dimensions.

Usually light weight also means less durability and more vulnerability. But that will only become clear after intensive usage. You can’t buy the sail in every shop since the TR-5xt has to be purchased with a special order. The price will probably be a bit higher then the normal sail. That’s way this sail is meant for the hardcore racing windsurfer. I will check if I can windsurf with the sail so I can write a review about the it.

Check out the MauiSails TR-5 and TR-5xt in action: