Miss reef has been spotted on the beach again. Great news because the chicas have been photographed as well. The best shots are combined in the Miss Reef calendar 2010. The Dutch Miss Reef will be chosen on the 13th of June during the Planet Reef Party.

It even gets better, you can win the calendar! Edge to Edge gives away 4 calenders for free. You can also buy them in the shops for € 11,95.

How can you win this calander? Very simple: The Miss Reef Calender will given away among the people who retweeted this post. On the 17th of January I will reveal the winner.

So start retweeting!

Update: Unfortunately there are not enough people how has retweeted this post to do a fair competition. Because of that I will change te rules a bit. Leave a comment to enter the competition and I will a winner among the commentators.

I will announce the winner on the 24th of January.

Miss Reef calendar 2010

Winners Miss Reef Calender:

The following guys can enjoy all the Miss Reef beauties. Congratulations!

  • Freek
  • Tuur
  • M
  • Nelis

Thanks everybody for participating and see you around!

If you want to get a glimpse, check out this short clip:

Update: The search for the new Miss Reef 2012 has begun!