Mistral and Anders Bringdal collaboration!

by Maarten on May 15, 2009

Mistral told in an press release that they and Anders Bringdal have reach an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for windsurf boards. As result a new generation of Mistral boards will be produced. Anders Bringdal is a four times world champion windsurfer and he doesn’t look bad on the speed tracks as well :-).

Mistral is hoping that the can bring new life to the Mistal brand as they did with the sponsoring of Robby Naish 33 years ago. Boards & More will lose their license since this deal is an exclusive one with bringdal.

The new of Mistral boards can be expected at the end of November. A series of slalom boards will be made and also a board purely focused on longdistance GPS Speedsurfing and a pure GPS Speedboard. In total we can expect about 14 different boards. His own board line, AB Boards, will probably ceace to exits. Let’s see what Anders will bring us!

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