On the Neilpryde website you can find fresh information about their ultimate racing machines. The RS Racing EVOII and the RS Slalom MKIII are updated with a some new features which makes them even better then last year. (According all the marketing info :-)).

Neilpryde RS Racing evo II 2009

The Dynamic Clew Concept is the biggest changes this year. Last year you had a similar cutouts, in 2009 these cutouts has become larger.  The cutouts will improve the handling of the sail but it will also improve the range of the sail.

Because of the change in range, less sizes are needed to cover the complete range from Formula to high wind slalom racing. The main reason for developing sails with a bigger range has all to do with the new slalom rules for the new PWA World Tour. The new slalom format is called Slalom 63.  Each windsurfer can choose 3 boards and 6 sails which he has to use the whole PWA Slalom season. This is completely different from last year where you could use 2 boards and 4 sails for each PWA event! A big difference which makes some people happy and some people very angry.

Check out this great video-ad to promote the sail:

The RS Slalom is always derived from the RS Racing. So you will also find the Dynamic Clew Concept on these sail and the reduced the amount of sizes that will be produced for this year. The mast sleeve has been narrowed even more to improve the handling during water starts.

NeilPryde RS Slalom MKII & MKIII

I haven’t found the prices for these sails but expect them to be expensive. Really question yourself if the RS Racing is the way to go. The RS Slalom will be a sail that is almost as fast and good as the RS Racing but for less money. This is mainly because you can use a different mast in it. The RS Racing will perform the best with a X9 mast, the X6 mast will be great in the RS Slalom. And there is a big price difference between those masts.

When you buy a new sail, check the requirements on the sail because such a high-end sails as the RS Racing (or any sails for that matter) will not perform to the max if you buy the wrong mast with it.

Have you been on the other with one of these sails? Let us know in the comments!

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