Advanced Hull Dynamics (AHD) launched a new concept which seems to go hand in hand with the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Hype. It is possible with a SUP board to get on the waves even before a longboard surfer can go on them.

The AHD Sealion has the same possibilities as an Stand Up Paddle board but has one more advantage: You are able to windsurf with it! So you can head out on the water with winds between 0-15 knots and catch some small waves!

AHD Sealion in action

Although I encourage new concepts in the windsurfing world, I’m still a bit skeptic. The board costs a lot of money, about €1200. Most windsurfers go out on the water to get a sensational feeling, speed and action. I don’t see how the this board will bring that. The Sealion has the big advantage that it’s smaller than it’s competitors. For example the Kona 10″5 is 320 cm and the Sealion is 232 cm. But I can only judge this board after I have been on one.

Windsurfboard AHD Sealion

The specifications:

Length: 7″6 / 232cm
Max. width: 74cm
Volume / Weight: 135L / 8,5 Kg
Fins: Twin 18cm / US box
Suggested sail area: 7.0 – 2.5m2
Construction: Sandwich monocoque
No Footstraps

The AHD Sealion in action: