Finally I have the boards and sails that I always wanted. I went to BOOT (the boat show in Düsseldorf) and was lucky to find a Starboard isonic 121. A new one but then the 2010 model. I usually don’t buy new boards because buying them second hand can save you a lot of money. A few months back I bought an isonic 101 (2008) for 550 euros with 2 Drake fins. Not bad at all.

Starboard Isonic 121 2010I was also looking for an older second hand model, mainly because that would have saved me a some money. But the deal I got on BOOT was to good to walk away from. So I took the isonic 121 home. Let’s hope I made the right choice because other people would have swapped the 121 for a 131.

The most important reason for having two boards is to maximize my time on the water. I always had 1 board and this was always a board around 105 liters. Great for mid wind but not in high or low winds. And since I gained some weight lately I wasn’t able to stay afloat anymore (i’m  currently 107 KG) . With this new purchase I have a fantastic board for lighter winds and from mid to strong winds I can use the 101.

Why go for Starboard and not another brand? Starboard has a great reputation since they are winning a lot of races and a lot of heavy windsurfers are really happy with the isonics. I also heard and read that they can have a lot of back foot pressure. That’s good since I like to give a lot of back foot pressure without worrying to much about a spin out. Also Neilpryde racing sails tend to make people give a bit more back foot pressure. So stylistically that would be a good combo. Besides that, I have owned a hypersonic for several years now and I have always been happy with the performance.

Neilpryde RS Slalom MKIII

My new sail, the Neilpryde RS Slalom MKIII 8.6, is meant for light wind sessions. I chose this sail because I have already have 2 RS Slaloms and I like them. The X6 490 mast can be used in the 8.6 which means I don’t have to buy a new mast, great! (although a X9 is recommended).

Sometimes my equipment was limiting my possibilities to go windsurf but that’s not the case anymore. Spring has begun and I’m stoked to get on the water and improve my GPS Speeds.

To summarize my equipment for this season (and probably the next seasons):

Neilpryde RS Slalom MKIII 8.6
Neilpryde RS Slalom 7.8 – by far my most used sail size.
Neilpryde RS Slalom MII 6.7
Neilpryde V8 6.0

Starboard Isonic wood 121 (2010)
Starboard Isonic wood 101 (2008)

What will be in your quiver for 2011?

p.s. This also means that I’m selling my Starboard Hypersonic 105. If you are interested, contact me here.

p.p.s. Are you wondering what kind of equipment a pro windsurfer has? Take look Robby Swift’s his van and you will get an impression.