Windsurfing in 2009!

by Maarten on January 6, 2009

Starboard Hypersonic 105 and Neilpryde RS Slalom 7.8A lot of people have new years resolutions for 2009. Setting goals is better name in my opinion. A few of my goals are in different categories like sports, work or are related to this website. I will focus in this post on the windsurfing goals.

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GPS Speedsurfing and Sponsoring

by Maarten on December 30, 2008

GPS has secured Neilpryde, Tushingham and Select as new sponsors. This is a very good development. GPS Speedsurfing is created and managed by volunteers so money is always needed to keep the site up and running.

Creating and managing a site is not for free. Hosting, system administration, traffic are all things that must be taken care of. Thanks to the new sponsors it is possible to further extend and build the GPS Speedsurfing community. As windsurfing advertiser it is also a great opportunity to get you brand known by (potential) buyers.

GPS Speedsurfing gives you insight in your own windsurfing capabilities. You will also have the possibility to ask questions on the forum. Because of the high involvement of the GPS Speedsurfing community, you will have an answer in no time! A lot of the participating windsurfers are windsurfing a lot. There is always the opportunity to ask your question on your beach since the community is internationally wide spread.

By becoming an goldmember for only 20 euro, you will support the GPS Speedsurfing website. As a goldmember you will have a lot of nice features at hand:

  • Ranking search function: search the ranking based on speeds, age classes, spot classes and equipment classes.
  • Session search function: search the ranking based on speeds, age classes, spot classes and equipment classes.
  • Equipment search: analyze different equipments in different circumstances.
  • Spot Search: see the rankings and sessions per spot and the ability to search the ranking and sessions.
  • Spot Stats: a growing list of statistics about spot a cool feauture to analyse spots.

Stop reading and buy yourself a GPS and become a member! Are you already a member but you are still not a goldmember? Become one and support the GPS Speedsurfing community!

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10 golden slalom tuning tips

by Maarten on December 29, 2008

Point-7 Sails logo

It doesn’t matter if it’s wave, freestyle, race or slalom, when you go out windsurfing your sail trim is important. Especially when speed is a big factor, then it’s even more important. Point-7 published 10 golden slalom tuning tips to get your trim right.

Do you have great tuning tips to get your windsurfing sails ready? Share it with us in the comments!

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Merry Christmas

by Maarten on December 25, 2008

kerstman op starboard

Merry Christmas to all of you and happy windsurfing. Santa Claus is doing alright!

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Kevin Pritchard talks about testing at Starboard

by Maarten on December 24, 2008

Kevin Pritchard posted on his blog that he went to Thailand to test new shapes at the Starboard development headquarters a few days ago. In the short movie he tells us how the testing is going. I don’t get the impression that testing windsurf boards is a very stressful job 🙂

Windsurfer Kevin Pritchard praten over windsurf boards testen

Update: Unfortunately the movie is removed from Kevin Pritchards blog because Starboard thinks it’s revealing to much of the starboard development center. Luckily the movie is still on the net. You can find it at

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Peter Volwater to Maui Sails

by Maarten on December 24, 2008

Windsurfer Peter Volwater H-24Peter Volwater has MauiSails as his new sail sponsor. North Sails was his former employee. Dennis Littel and Josh Angulo have shown that you can go fast with the MauiSails TR-4 , see also MauiSails on track!. Peter Volwater announced his transfer on his own blog. This is what he said.

Today it’s official I am joining Maui Sails and its a special celebration for the company Maui Sails – with 30 years of sail making! Congratulations to the crew and thanks for this great opportunity!
With Barry I got a chance to try the new TR5 racing machines and was impressed with the speed and stability. Look forward to working together with the team and now I’m off to Perth Western Australia…
Peter, congratulations with your new sail sponsor and MauiSails with their 30th birthday

Update: MauiSails updated their website with a news post about Peter joining the team. (with some nice action shots)

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PWA Rookie of the year 2008

by Maarten on December 24, 2008

This year Alice Arutkin (Starboard, North Sails) and Philip Koster (Starboard, Neilpryde) are rewarded with the PWA Rookie of the year 2008 title. Every year this title is awarded for the most outstanding rookie windsurfer in the season. For example, Peter Volwater has won the title in his first year on the tour. Now he is still a very consistent competitor on the PWA world tour. Source: PWA Rookie of the year 2008

Windsurfer Alice Arutkin PWA Rookie of the year 2008

Windsurfer Philip Koster PWA Rookie of the year 2008

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Longest windsurfer in the world!

by Maarten on December 23, 2008

This Coca Cola windsurfer is the longest windsurfer that is ever build. Off course it’s build by a dutch guy :). Really cool to see how other windsurfers are jumping over the board while the are windsurfing. It would be a pain in the ass to transport this thing though.

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Windsurfers livechat

by Maarten on December 17, 2008 is organising a livechat session with Germanspeaking top freestyle windsurfers Andre Paskowski, Fabian Weber and Michael Roßmaier. These gentlemen will start chatting at 8 PM. One note, they will probably chat in German.

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Overview Tabou Boards 2009

by Maarten on December 15, 2008

Matt Pritchard presents in this video the new Tabou board range for 2009. I am really interested in the Tabou Manta. I read some testimonials and reviews which were very postive about these boards. The Mantas seem to be very quick, also in choppie conditions. The striping is also none standard. I hope I can test one of those Manta’s.


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