Windsurf action videos!

by Maarten on December 14, 2008

Lately there were some nice conditions to go windsurfing, except for the cold! For me it’s to cold now to go out on the water. Luckily we still have the Internet to kill some time :-). Check out these two videos.

JP Australia has footage from Robby Swift. He made a windsurfing trip to Chile and made this video.

Another fun movie is from Dieter (B-35). This young belgium talented windsurfer is really working hard on his skills. Check out his freestyle action over here (via

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On the Neilpryde website you can find fresh information about their ultimate racing machines. The RS Racing EVOII and the RS Slalom MKIII are updated with a some new features which makes them even better then last year. (According all the marketing info :-)).

Neilpryde RS Racing evo II 2009

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Vestas Sailrocket crashes!

by Maarten on December 9, 2008

In the speedsailing world they are also dedicated to break records. A few days ago another attempt ended in a big crash. The Vestas Sailrocket went ballistic when hitting the 52 knots!! Here you can watch footage of the crash.

These words are from te Vestas Sailrocket team after the crash

In the end it was no doubt a combination of effects brought on by the newfound speed and high apparent wind speeds that come with it.

The speedwindsurfers have to watch out because the speedkiters and speedsailors are very fast at the moment. Until the next attempt!

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Bjorn Dunkerbeck in action

by Maarten on December 6, 2008

I ran in to some old footage from Bjorn Dunkerbeck in action while I was looking for news about the man.Bjorn Dunkerbeck is about to switch from North Sails to Severne Sails. It was cool to see a pro windsurfer like Dunkerbeck on my homespot Strand Horst, the Netherlands. Check out the footage over here.

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Severne Sails new sponsor Bjorn Dunkerbeck!

by Maarten on December 5, 2008

Again, very interesting news around North Sails and pro windsurfer Bjorn Dunkerbeck. He will leave North Sails for Severne Sails! Actually, it is not a big surprise since Starboard en Severne Sails are working close together.

windsurfer Dunki to severne sails

This switch is in my opinion a remarkable choice. Before he was windsurfing with Neilpryde and North Sails. Both these brands are the biggest in the industry and thus have a lot of resources and knowledge in-house. I don’t expect Severne Sails to be on the same level as those two brands. Maybe it is a bit prejudice… for example, there are hardly any locals windsurfing with Severne Sails at my spot.

On the other hand, it’s great for Severne Sails. Bjorn is a personal brand like no other windsurfer and that will certainly have a positive influence on the sales. I also hope he will perform very well with these sails and can show everybody there are more sail brands than the few dominating the market.

Dunkerbeck switched from T1  Boards to Starboard earlier this year. We will see how he will perform with his new windsurfing equipment the upcoming season.

Source: Severne Sails

Update: Continent Seven has posted the first pictures from Dunkerbeck in action with his new Severne Sails.

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JP Australie new sponsor Antoine Albeau!

by Maarten on November 27, 2008

Another remarkable sponsor switch in the windsurfing world. World champion Antoine albeau will leave his Isonic Starboards and switches them for the Slalom boards from JP Australia. Rumors about Antoine switching were everywhere, especially after dunkerbeck switched to Starboard. Antoine Albeau signed a three years contract with his new sponsor. A quote from himself:

This was a rather big decision for me. I am glad that I went for it and I am very happy that I will be part of JP next year. I really look forward to work with Werner Gnigler and the whole JP team. I will be very involved in the development of the performance oriented boards within the JP line and I can’t wait to get started.

Antoine Albeau FRA-192 windsurf gijp

I am really looking forward to the new PWA world tour season to see how all the sponsor switches will effect the rankings.


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Peter Volwaters new website

by Maarten on November 15, 2008

Professional windsurfer Peter Volwater (NED-24) has a new website. You can find photos, videos and reports from his trips. His blog looks very up to date but the design is not completely my thing. Mainly because the designer used several fonts instead of just choosing one font. Nonetheless is Peter Volwater one of the best Dutch windsurfers ever and is always competitive at a very high level. So we can expect great windsurf stories from him.

Check the site:

Website Peter Volwater

Update: These reports make it worthwhile to pay this site a visit!

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Volvo Ocean Race reporting

by Maarten on October 12, 2008

The Volvo Ocean Race has started again. This big sailing event is always delivering a lot of spectacular moments. Everything about the race is high tech: The sailing boats, the means of communication and the event reporting. I want to talk more about the reporting. Because I am missing this kind of reporting at windsurfing events.

Off course, you can’t compare the budgets available for the Volvo Ocean Race and the PWA World Tour. But still, here is a small comparison between the sailing world and the windsurfing world.
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Surfer Kelly Slater World Champion again!

by Maarten on October 11, 2008

Kelly Slater secured the world title for the Ninth time. This surfer is also the youngest and oldest world champion the tour has ever known. Kelly seems to be some kind of Bjorn Dunkerbeck :-). Not windsurfing related but a remarkable achievement which is worth mentioning.

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North Sails Warp F2009 spotted!

by Maarten on October 11, 2008

I spotted the new North Sails Warp F2009 on a french site. The Warp has a beautiful design and there is probably nothing wrong with the performance of this sail.

The top brands in the industry are all producing high quality windsurfing sails and there are almost no sails that are a waste of your money. It all depends on your personal preferences and budget. You can check here all the pictures. has also posted a short movie (in French) in which they give an impression of the new North Sails Warp F2009.

North Sails Warp F2009

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