PWA World Tour 2008 finished

by Maarten on October 7, 2008

On the PWA World Tour website you can read an extended report about the PWA World Cup event in Sylt. Bjorn Dunkerbeck managed to win the event with his new board sponsor Starboard.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck wins PWA Sylt

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Starboard new sponsor Bjorn Dunkerbeck

by Maarten on October 7, 2008

Finally, it’s clear. Starboard will be the new board sponsor for Bjorn Dunkerbeck. There were a lot of rumours about him switching to another board brand. Also here on

Lately, Bjorn Dunkerbeck was not performing so well. In Turkey he showed he has still a lot of skills, but not on his regular boards. He was windsurfing on the Isonic series from Starboard to everybody`s suprise. In Sylt Bjorn showed that he and starboard is a very good combination. He managed to win the Event.

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Maui Sails on track!

by Maarten on October 3, 2008

Josh Angulo has won the second slalom round during the PWA World Tour in Sylt. The wave windsurfer is actively involved in the slalom discipline since this year and he already shows what he is capable of. Here is a video report from the Maui Sails team.

Josh Angulo winning 2nd round of Slalom on PWA World Cup Sylt from on Vimeo.

Maui Sails was also kicking ass at the Dutch Nationals. All windsurfers in the top 4 were using the Maui Sails TR-4. Here are the results:

1.Dennis Littel (F2 FX Z / Maui Sails)
2.Marc de Jong (F2 FX Z / Maui Sails)
3.Dirk Doppenberg (F2 FX Z / Maui Sails)
4.Markus Bouwman (F2 FX IV / Maui Sails)

Windsurfer Dennis Littel Maui Sails

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Not a lot of wind

by Maarten on October 3, 2008

This week was a bit of  unfortunate. All the time there was a lot of wind, and I missed it all! Maybe I was in the wrong place…Anyway, tomorrow a new chance!

Windsurfspot Strand Horst

windsurf spot Strand Horst

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Becoming fit for windsurfing by doing push ups

by Maarten on September 28, 2008

A few week I was writing about the 100 push up program. A few friends of mine and I started enthusiastic with the push up program. We wanted to gain more strength and a higher fitness level in general. They did it for wave surfing and i did it for windsurfing. They training seemed relatively easy. Doing push ups for about 6 weeks and you are able to do 100 push ups. We were noticing some progression but not enough to do really 100 push ups within 6 weeks.

push ups and windsurfing

Several of my friends had light injuries because of the push ups. The trainings program really pushes you to the limit which makes it hard to do the push ups correctly. So really focus on doing the exercise correctly. Don’t over do it! Are you not able to hold the correct posture anymore…stop with the exercise and continue when you are recovered.

It was a nice experiment but I will go back to the gym. Especially now it has been bad windsurfing circumstances, it is really important to have good physical fitness when the wind starts picking up.

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Sunny weather and windsurfing

by Maarten on September 13, 2008

The weather forecast for this weekend wasn’t so good. The wind direction was the main cause. In the Netherlands wind from the east is not so good. predicted a small 4 bft in the north of the country while the winfsurfing spots in my neighbourhood had no wind at all. I really wanted to windsurf so I decided to risk the long drive to the north. The spot that I choose is called the Amstelmeer.

I’m glad that I risked the long drive, because it turned out to be a great windsurfing session! The weather was sunny and I was planing most of the time. The wind was gusty but the sun made is all worthwhile.

Windsurfsessie Amstelmeer 13 september 2008

Check here the windsurf trip data on

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Video report: The Mission 2008

by Maarten on September 10, 2008

This short windsurf video gives an impression from the Mission, a big windsurfing event in the Netherlands. The report starts at 5 min 22 sec. Check this online magazine if you are not satisfied with this report.

Source: Daily Bits

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Windsurf channel crossing

by Maarten on September 9, 2008

Two top windsurfers, Antoine Albeay and Guy Cribb, are going to cross the channel. They are not doing this on a quiet Sunday afternoon with 4 bft. No, they are planning this trip when the next storm is knocking on the door.

This attempt is not without a cause. Antoine and Guy are asking attention for the Ellen MacArthur Trust and their french counterpart A chacun son cap. These Organisations are working hard for kids with cancer leukemia or some other horrible decease. The Ellen Mac Arthur Trust tries to bring some joy in the lives of these youngsters by introducing them to seasailing.

You can sponsor the project here.

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Neilpryde new sponsor Martin van Meurs

by Maarten on September 8, 2008

Dutch speedsurfer and initiator of found a new sponsor! Neilpryde will provide his sails in the upcoming season. In this forum thread (in Dutch) he explains why he is switching.

Windsurfer Martin van Meurs

This is bad news for Maui Sails because they will lose a windsurfer that is really dedicated in promoting the windsurfing sport and specifically gps speedsurfing. And off course everybody sees the windsurfing equipment he is using. This forum thread on the Maui Sails website is also confirming he is leaving Maui Sails.

Update 5-jan-2010: Martin van Meurs changes sponsor again.

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Windsurfing equipment RRD 2009 unofficially online

by Maarten on September 8, 2008

A lot of big brands are restyling there website. RRD (Roberto Ricci Design) is also busy with the developments. All windsurfing info is, despite the developments, already accessible. RRD is using this URL to the windsurfing equipment. With a small tweak the new page is shown. This links referring to the new equipment:

windsurf equipment RRD 2009

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