New concept: AHD Sealion

by Maarten on September 1, 2008

Advanced Hull Dynamics (AHD) launched a new concept which seems to go hand in hand with the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Hype. It is possible with a SUP board to get on the waves even before a longboard surfer can go on them.

The AHD Sealion has the same possibilities as an Stand Up Paddle board but has one more advantage: You are able to windsurf with it! So you can head out on the water with winds between 0-15 knots and catch some small waves!

AHD Sealion in action

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On the French site Transjai I found an interview with Anders Bringdal. He talks about one of his new AB Board shapes and he explains why the board is shaped this way. Check out the video:

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To funny! The windsurfing song

by Maarten on August 31, 2008

Check this great windsurfing song…to much fun!! En those guys are Dutch to! 🙂

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The 5th Mission succeeded!

by Maarten on August 31, 2008

The 5th mission was already a week ago. The event was a big succes with 333 windsurfers at the starting line. There were also loads of famous windsurfers at the event. Among them were Tonky Frans, Josh Angulo, Andre Paskowski, Gollito Estredo, Karin Jaggi! The organisation has a small extra for you and is delevering this beautiful online magazine. The magazine looks really slick and gives you a good impression of the event.

The mission online magazine

The 5th Mission online magazine

Check out the online magazine:
Low resolution
High resolution

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Stacked a Windsurf Movie!

by Maarten on August 25, 2008

Like announced a few days back, Stacked a windsurf movie has been released. Check out the 10 minute video stacked with action from Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura:

Let me know what your opinion is about the video!

Personaly I liked the action but  Committed Reloaded was more professional with more high quality shots. The production budget is probably not comparable :-).  Nevertheless  a very entertaining video.

Update: The video is also shown over here but then in higher quality.

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Slow motion skateboarding video

by Maarten on August 25, 2008

While this has nothing to do windsurfing, it is still a nice movie. This slow motion skateboard video is breath taking. The high frame rate opens the opportunity to see every movement of the skater. This movie is filmed with a RED camera.

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Windsurfig GPS data combined with video

by Maarten on August 24, 2008

Some french windsurfers did a great experiment! With the help of special software (GpsarPR 2.7) they combined the GPS data and their headcam. As result you will see the speed and direction on the video from your windsurfing session combined. There is no need for a special cam. Every “normal” video camera is capable of doing this. Check this nice example:

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Björn Dunkerbeck to Starboard?

by Maarten on August 24, 2008

Björn Dunkerbeck was really a though guy to beat last PWA World Cup in Turkey. At last some resistance for the dominating Antoine Albeau! The most outstanding fact is the fact that Dunkerbeck wasn’t using his Thommen Boards which is his current sponsor! Even worse, he was using boards from his main competitor Starboard!

Bjorn Dunkerbeck leading on Starboard Isonic in Alacati

On were a lot of people speculating why he was not windsurfing on his own Thommen boards. It seems clear to me. He is looking for new and faster windsurfing equipment to be competitive again. His achievements are not as good as a few years ago. And the word is going around that Bjorn Dunkerbeck will also loose North Sails has his Sail sponsor. So he is shopping around!

According to this post (in dutch) Björn Dunkerbeck appeared in Turkey with a full quiver of Starboards AND F2 boards. His preference seems obvious. Dunkerbeck was the whole event on Starboard. Lets see which brand he will use during the PWA event in Sylt.

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Flying windsurfer?

by Maarten on August 21, 2008

Some of you probably know this video already but I still think it is worth posting. The guy in the video is using a customized vin which is designed to lift you out of the water. Consider the huge advantage that you will have on spots where the water is to choppy to go really fast.

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Alacati PWA World Cup event report 2008

by Maarten on August 20, 2008

On the official PWA World Tour website has written a gigantic report about the PWA event in Alacati. Antoine Albeau secured his postition in the tour and is 100% sure he will be the champion this year. With only 1 event it’s not possible to overtake him.

The next PWA World Cup event will be in Sylt Germany from the 25th of September until the 5th of October.

MauiSails rider Markus Bouman in action!

Josh Angulo also has posted a very complete report about the event. It’s great to read how positive he is about the dutch windsurfers Markus Bouman and Dennis Littel, who are also part of the MauiSails team.

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