Broken Neilpryde X6 mast

by Maarten on July 30, 2008

There were really good windsurfing conditions on November 21 st.  I was windsurfing at Muiderzand, the Netherlands. The wind was blowing with 22 knots. Unfortunately I was forced to swim back to the beach because my brand new Neilpryde X6 mast broke. After 30 minutes I was back on land again. Luckily I was wearing my winter steamer because it was very cold!

Last Saturday I returned the mast to the windsurfing shop. They couldn’t tell me if I would get a new mast. Probably this is just a warranty case otherwise I will be pissed. My mast broke low in the base. If your mast breaks at boom height people will think you put on the boom to tight. But that is not possible in my case…let’s see what happens.

Update: After a few weeks I received a brand new base without any costs.


Fit for windsurfing?

by Maarten on July 27, 2008

When you go windsurfing being in a good physical condition  is essential. There are a lot of ways to get your physical fitness to a good level. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to do this are push ups. You don’t have to buy anything or have to go somewhere. Every place is suitable for push ups. The NY Times had written an article about push ups and how they serve as an indicator for your overall fitness. As a man you should be able to do 27 push ups with out trouble. As a woman should be able to do 16 push ups.

When searching for some fitness info I stumbled upon This site is promoting that everybody will be able to do 100 push ups in six weeks, no matter what level you are on right now.  That sounds to good to be true! Everybody wants to do 100 push ups with ease. I will start with this program and see if I can reach the 100 push ups in 6 weeks. The gained fitness and strength will come in handy with windsurfing!

The initial test resulted in 23 push ups and now I am at week 1 day 3. Lets see if I can reach that goal of 100 push ups.


Top windsurfer Micah Buzianis has broken leg!

by Maarten on July 24, 2008

Top windsurfer Micah Buzianis (US-34) has broken his lake during the PWA World cup on Fuerteventura.

Martin Brandner reports:
We toke him to the hospital to find out what is wrong and after 30 minutes we get the shocking news. His leg is broken (fibula) and probably was at least partly broken since he crashed with another rider ten days ago in Gran Canaria where he was hit by a fin right on top of his ankle where his foot is broken now. Back then he got 5 stitches because he had a pretty bad cut – but otherwise he thought he was fine – even though the pain in his leg never really went away.

This is a big setback for every athlete. Especially now, when Micah was closing the gap with Antoine Albeau (FRA-192). Bjorn Dunkerbeck is now third and has the possibility to get even higher because of this incident.

Photo broken leg windsurfer Micah Buzianis US-34
source: JP Australia International


Video highlights Pozo PWA Worldcup 2008

by Maarten on July 23, 2008

A windsurfing enthusiast that was at the latest PWA Worldcup at Pozo created a nice video report with highlights from the heats. Neilpryde showed some good results again! They also posted a report for this event on their website. Check out the Pozo windsurfing action!

{ 0 comments } renewed

by Maarten on July 15, 2008

Windsurfing website has renewed their layout. On this site you have the possibility to upload your windsurfing sessions and compete with fellow GPS windsurfers. The only thing you need is a GPS device. As you can see, the new layout is a big improvement :-).

Old layout:
Old layout windsurf website

The new website has a few bugs. But don’t be to harsh on them because the site is build by volunteers. They did a remarkable job!

New layout:
New layout windsurf website


Planet Reef party

by Maarten on July 15, 2008

Last Thursday I have written an announcement about the Dutch planet Reef Party. Here is another short update. I found a short movie on the Planet Reef site which looked cool.

Judge for yourself :-).

Update: Would you like to win a Miss Reef Calendar? Click here.


The 10 Miss Reef finalist are known!

by Maarten on July 10, 2008

For the fourth time the preliminaries have been held for the Miss Reef election. The ladies shown below are the girls that will go to the Finals in the Spot, Zandvoort.
The 10 Miss Reef finalist

The winner will be announced on the 20th of July during the Planet Reef Party 2008. There are still tickets available, check

Respect to the markerteer who invented this competition :-). We need more competions like this one.

Update: Would you like to win a Miss Reef Calendar 2010? Click here.


Old windsurfing movie

by Maarten on February 20, 2006

Here is a short windsurfing video at Strand Horst (in the Netherlands). I was filming and just testing the camera on november 2003. By coincidence a few gps speedsurfers were on the water speeding. One of them was Neilpryde sponsored windsurfer Martin van Meurs.

Check out the video here:


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