How to a make windsurfing sail

by Maarten on February 6, 2012

This cool video shows a time-lapse of how Ben Severne is building a Severe windsurfing sail. All the phases are shown. From getting all the panels ready, to putting the battens in the pockets, sawing on the mast luff and finally rigging the sail. Enjoy!


MauiSails TR-8 Video presentation

by Maarten on January 27, 2012

In this video, sail designer Artur Szpunar explains what the main focus points were during the development of the TR-8 racing sail. He also talks about what has been improved compared to last year. The TR-8 is MauiSails top of the line racing sail and will be used by sailors like Micah Buzianis (see Micah picking up his sails).

Want to know which sizes are available? Check out the specs over here.


And if you ever wondered what the best way is to rig your TR-8, then check this video out:


PWA World Tour: Sylt 2011

by Maarten on September 25, 2011

Check out the PWA livestream from Sylt, Germany.


Live stream World Cup Klitmøller

by Maarten on September 14, 2011

Currently the PWA World Tour is visiting Denmark and the live stream just went live. So if you like seeing some good wave action from Cold Hawaii…you are on the right place!


Dunkerbeck secures the slalom world title 2011

by Maarten on August 14, 2011

Bjorn Dunkerbeck managed to secure the PWA slalom world title with still one event to go. Congratulations to Bjorn! Good to see someone else winning again. Not that I have anything against Antoine Albeau but after winning several world titles in a row it is good to see somebody else win again. The same happened a while back in the Formula 1 where Michael Schumacher was taking all the wins successively. That became a bit boring after a while.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck - PWA World Champoin 2011

Bjorn Dunkerbeck - PWA World Champoin 2011. Photo by PWA / John Carter

In my opinion it would even be better to see someone win who has never won before instead of Bjorn, Ben van der Steen for example. That will shows to the other windsurfers that it’s still possible to win a world title between all the “old” guys. On the other hand Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Antoine Albeau show how incredible talented they are because they are so consistent in their performances over the years.

Let’s see what will happen in Sylt, Germany. That will be the last race/slalom stop of the PWA Tour 2011.

YouTube Preview Image



Jason Polakow presents JAWS

by Maarten on July 22, 2011

Usually I don’t just post videos but this one is just awesome. The footage of Jaws and the editing is just great. It’s almost a mini documentary. Check out Jason Polakow presents Jaws.

YouTube Preview Image


We are just in the second part of 2011 and the first new 2012 windsurfing sails are hitting the market. North Sails released the new wave sail range for 2012. Besides familiar models, like the Ice and Duke, they also released two new ones. The new wave sails are called the Hero and ID Ultralight. Check out the introduction videos below:

Intro video for the North Sails Hero 2012:
YouTube Preview Image
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Windsurfer International Magazine july

by Maarten on July 8, 2011

The Windsurfer International Magazine has been released for July 2011. No racing or slalom tips in this issue like other issues. For me the most appealing article was the Defi Wind event guide. I tried to participate in the Defi Wind a few years ago but due to the bad conditions no races were completed.

Go check it out:

Windsurfer International Magazine July 2011



Planet Reef 2011: Win tickets

by Maarten on May 14, 2011

Planet Reef 2011Update: Read on to see who won the Planet Reef tickets

We are boarding with the Ocean Diva once again for the sexiest party in the Netherlands: Planet Reef. And you can also join the party on the 12th of June and see who will become the new Miss Reef Holland because the pre sale has started. But of course it would be better to go for free and spend some extra money on drinks for your friends (or yourself :-)). Mad Windsurfing offers you 2×2 tickets for you to win. Nice!

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Boujmaa Guilloul had a big crash recently while attempting the triple forward loop. Luckily he is fine now. He has some footage to see what went wrong because the attempt was filmed with a GoPro camera. As you can see below, the crash is pretty extreme. Not strange that Ricardo Campello was wearing a helmet during his triple loop attempts.


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