Are you the new Miss Reef 2011 Holland?

by Maarten on April 21, 2011

Reef Holland is looking for the new Dutch Miss Reef 2011. If you are a beautiful girl with a nice bum and want to compete with other breathtaking girls, sign up for the competition. Hurry up, because the deadline is the 1st of may. The winner will get two tickets to an exotic destination. Nice!


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Finally I have the boards and sails that I always wanted. I went to BOOT (the boat show in Düsseldorf) and was lucky to find a Starboard isonic 121. A new one but then the 2010 model. I usually don’t buy new boards because buying them second hand can save you a lot of money. A few months back I bought an isonic 101 (2008) for 550 euros with 2 Drake fins. Not bad at all.

Starboard Isonic 121 2010I was also looking for an older second hand model, mainly because that would have saved me a some money. But the deal I got on BOOT was to good to walk away from. So I took the isonic 121 home. Let’s hope I made the right choice because other people would have swapped the 121 for a 131.

The most important reason for having two boards is to maximize my time on the water. I always had 1 board and this was always a board around 105 liters. Great for mid wind but not in high or low winds. And since I gained some weight lately I wasn’t able to stay afloat anymore (i’m  currently 107 KG) . With this new purchase I have a fantastic board for lighter winds and from mid to strong winds I can use the 101.

Why go for Starboard and not another brand? Starboard has a great reputation since they are winning a lot of races and a lot of heavy windsurfers are really happy with the isonics. I also heard and read that they can have a lot of back foot pressure. That’s good since I like to give a lot of back foot pressure without worrying to much about a spin out. Also Neilpryde racing sails tend to make people give a bit more back foot pressure. So stylistically that would be a good combo. Besides that, I have owned a hypersonic for several years now and I have always been happy with the performance.

Neilpryde RS Slalom MKIII

My new sail, the Neilpryde RS Slalom MKIII 8.6, is meant for light wind sessions. I chose this sail because I have already have 2 RS Slaloms and I like them. The X6 490 mast can be used in the 8.6 which means I don’t have to buy a new mast, great! (although a X9 is recommended).

Sometimes my equipment was limiting my possibilities to go windsurf but that’s not the case anymore. Spring has begun and I’m stoked to get on the water and improve my GPS Speeds.

To summarize my equipment for this season (and probably the next seasons):

Neilpryde RS Slalom MKIII 8.6
Neilpryde RS Slalom 7.8 – by far my most used sail size.
Neilpryde RS Slalom MII 6.7
Neilpryde V8 6.0

Starboard Isonic wood 121 (2010)
Starboard Isonic wood 101 (2008)

What will be in your quiver for 2011?

p.s. This also means that I’m selling my Starboard Hypersonic 105. If you are interested, contact me here.

p.p.s. Are you wondering what kind of equipment a pro windsurfer has? Take look Robby Swift’s his van and you will get an impression.


Friends of mine started a new website. This website is not just your average travel hotspot site. It is build for people who love going outdoor and doing all kinds of outdoor sports, including windsurfing. So I thought it would also benefit you if you know this new site.

What does Travelixer mean and what does it stand for?
The word Travelixer is created by combining the word `Travel` and `Elixer` (Dutch for Elixir) and stands for hotspots, adventure, outdoor activities, socialising and sharing experiences. The website unlocks and combines worldwide hotspot and outdoor activities. Travelers and outdoor adventurers can find the best locations for their favorite activities, upload their own hotspots and share their experiences. Of course various types of surfing are part of our site too. We want to reach enthusiastic surfers who want to share their ultimate experience on the water with us and other outdoor activity lovers.

Travelixer logoHow are the hotspots and activities collected?
Hotspots can be uploaded by our registered web users. A website visitor can easily create a profile and upload their favorite hotspots, review or rate an existing hotspot and upload photos or videos. So it is content and experiences generated by our website users.

Which activities can be found on Travelixer?
Of course you can find wind, kite and wave surfing. Activities like scuba diving, mountaineering, white water canoeing and rafting, safaris or expeditions are all divided in different categories. When you upload a hotspot you can choose your primary activity as well as sub activities when more than one can be practiced.

What else is the Travelixer website offering me?
For each hotspot we want to provide relevant information, e.g. about the location, surroundings, accommodation and activities. There is a forum where you can post all your questions about a hotspot, the best time to travel there, other tips etc. Are you planning a trip and are you looking for a travel buddy? Then you can post a search request in the `Travel buddy` section.

In the near future we want to offer our users the possibility to book their own custom made trip, provide travel specials and related outdoor products. This way a windsurfer can easily plan a trip to their favorite surf spot, find reviews from other surfers and sport related offers.

What do you want to achieve with Travelixer?
We want Travelixer to be the world’s leading web portal concerning hotspots related to outdoor adventure. It will be the centre where travelers and adventurers can find and share information about their passion and access different kinds of related services and products.

Thanks guys for your time and see you on the water! What do you think of Travelixer? Let us know in the comments.



Strand Horst Sunset

For all Dutch and other European windsurfers who windsurf at Strand Horst: It is now possible to buy a parking card for the new season. It will save you 10 euros when you buy it in the pre sale. The parking card will set you back € 32,50. Not that expensive if you ask me. This offer expires on the first of May.

Here are some advantages of having that parking card:

  • It is viable at other RGV recreational areas
  • You can use it from 1 may 2011 till 1 may 2012
  • It will save you money if you go more than 7 times

Mind you, if you have a vehicle longer than 6 m you need to buy the more expensive one, which costs  € 64,50.

Dutch windsurfers can order here.

Deutsche leute bitte hier klicken.

There are no other languages available. I always buy this card in the pre sale because I windsurf at Strand Horst most of the time.


How a new sail is born

by Maarten on March 5, 2011

The new March issue of the Windsurfer International Magazine has been released. As always, they have really good content. I liked the article about how a sail is developed from a concept to a sail in the real world. Barry Spanier himself talks you through the process. Go check it out.

How a new sail is born


Point-7 new sail sponsor Martin van Meurs

by Maarten on January 5, 2011

Windsurfer Martin van Meurs

An interesting move from speedsurfer Martin van Meurs. He is switching sail sponsor! Point-7 will be delivering the sails for the 2011 season. Lets see if he can set new world records with the black beauties. Congratulations to Point-7 and Martin.

Read the interview here


Wesh Center Crew Windsurf Park

by Maarten on January 5, 2011

In Leucate, France, the first windsurfing park in the world has been opened. The surf spot has some cool kickers and sliders in the water which you normally only see during indoor events. The guys behind the windsurf park released this trailer to let you get glimpse of the freestyle possibilities.

It looks really cool but I’m wondering why some of them are wearing clothes over their wetsuits. Maybe they are talking too much to kitesurfers… :-)


Happy new year!

by Maarten on January 1, 2011

Have a lot of fun in 2011 and I hope you will break all your speed records. Ow yeah!!


To cold for windsurfing?

by Maarten on December 30, 2010

Not at all! These hardcore windsurfers show that low temperatures are not holding them back.

The “white” stuff in the background is snow… shot at Oostvoorne, The Netherlands by Paul Boef.

YouTube Preview Image

This video was made by Frederic Bonet at Porteils, France. Respect guys!


New Windsurfer International Magazine online

by Maarten on November 8, 2010

windsurfer international magazine

I just received an email that the 13th issue of the Windsurfing International Magazine has been released. The magazine has been updated to improve your reading experience.

In this issue you’ll find:

  • Peruvian Gold Kauli Seadi Finds Untold Riches
  • Pro Slalom Secrets Kurosh Kiani Gives You a Turbo Boost
  • Who is Kenneth Danielsen? Denmark’s Up-and-Coming-Ripper Profiled
  • Escape to Green Island Windsurfing the Great Barrier Reef
  • The Heat is On PWA Contest insight


  • No Wind No Worries Bored Aussie Windsurfers Getting Kicks
  • Carve Gybing Lars Pederson Shows How
  • TipClip The Culo with Mattia Pedrani
  • Wave 360 With Daida Moreno
  • Ho’okipa Reef Clean with +H20
  • Clean Ocean Project Non-Profit Profile
  • Fanging It Mouthguards At the Ready

What do you think about the new format?


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