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by Maarten on May 2, 2010

Below you will find some interesting links to news facts or to educational, informational articles. Enjoy!

Carbonart has updated their website with all the new wave gear for 2010/2011.

Point 7 also did a big website update. They have a new section in which they put video tutorials online.

Carbon Sugar will teach you how to round buoys.

Sonntag fins is a relatively new brand on the market. That’s why I asked teamrider Erik Loots the following questions.

Nayra Alonso updated her website with some cool pictures from the photo shoots she did the last week.

The World of Windsurfing week has started. This week is focused on making non-windsurfing people enthusiastic for the best sport in the world. So make the most of it and convince other people what a great sport we are doing.

The PWA World Tour has kicked of in Podersdorf, Austria. Check out the first movies they put online with interviews and action shots.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Sonntag fins, a new brand on the market

by Maarten on April 30, 2010

I saw Sonntag Fins putting up their new website and leaving me with some questions and wanting to know more about this relatively new brand on the market. So I mailed teamrider Erik Loots and asked him the following questions.

sonntag finsWhat is the unique selling point for Sonntag? In what kind of way does Sonntag differentiate itself from the current market with brand like C3 & Select?

Sonntag Fins unique selling point is making a fin specially designed for each customer. All experiences are reported by the team and will be used to find the best solution for everyone. At this moment there are 3 models for sale: SL-S, GPS_2 and SL-P.

The SL-S was for me a mind blowing experience and had never experienced something like it. In low wind it`s possible to lift the board out, while still maintaining control in high wind. Of course there is a slight downside. For fixed courses it can be a bit harder to keep on speed, especially in low winds.

Therefor the SL-P is now designed. The Power design keeps you on course at high speed in low winds. On a free course or with ‘freeriding’, the SL-S has a advantage being low-drag. Ideal for light wind GPS speed up to 35kn. This 35kn is about the start for the GPS_2. From 35kn or higher the GPS_2 feels very good and promising.

For who are the fins designed? Are the fins more focused on the pro’s or is the fun surfer also going to profit form the new designs.

I think recreational windsurfers with freerace gear up to pro’s with fullrace gear will have a good time when using these fins.

When I’m reading on the new website I see that there are three product ranges, focused on:

  1. Slalom
  2. Slalom/Formula
  3. Speed

Can we expect fin designs for the other disciplines in the near future?

For the near future I think we can fill our time with the disciplines above.

A lot of windsurfers only have one fin in their quiver. Can you explain what the added value is to having more than 1 fin? And why it can improve your fun time on the water?

Many different fins is not the best way to perform well. I think it increases the chance you ending up with the wrong choice. I try to find one solution for 90% of the conditions, for example the Sonntag SL-S 340 (soft) underneath the Fanatic Falcon 91. Over the whole wind range this fin works great, every time I use it the experience helps me to go even faster.

I need some time to learn where the sweet spot is (fin pressure versus speed). I also ordered the Sonntag SL-S 320 and this one did increase performance in overpowered conditions, with 5% of the sessions. Or the SL-S 350 did a bit better in 10-14kn wind range.

It`s really a challenge to build the right fins for a customer. High level of accuracy during production is important, but also making the right choices in design. At this moment we test in many different spots to get enough knowledge about what can happen and how to solve problems. All findings will be reported and used for next customers.

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the upcoming season! Check out the new Sonntag Fins website.

Sonntag teamrider Erik Loots

Sonntag teamrider Erik Loots


Speedsurfing at La Franqui

by Maarten on April 18, 2010

Here is Jan Wolters showing some nice speedsurfing at La Franqui. I really like that song. It’s called Cake – The Distance. Enjoy!

Update: Erik loots did a nice interview with Jan. Check out his blog.


Incredible high jumps!

by Maarten on April 11, 2010

Some of the best PWA windsurfers went out equipped with the new ShadowBox with only one goal: to jump as high as possible. And so they did. Boujmaa Guillol managed to jump an amazing 62 feet (=18,9 meters). Check out this great action packed video with incredible high jumps.

The ShadowBox is a new GPS unit that attaches to your board so you can analyse your speed, distance covered, heights during jumps, and much more. Check ShadowBoxlive for more info about these GPS devices.

source: PWA

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Reading for the weekend

by Maarten on March 27, 2010

I’m a bit behind with updating my website. So maybe you have seen these two windsurfing magazines already. But nonetheless, The International Windsurfer Magazine and Revolution Mag are both excellent reads for the weekend.

Click the covers to start reading. Have fun!

Revolution Magazine issue 2

Windsurfer International Magazine March 2010


Team and sponsor changes

by Maarten on March 21, 2010

For professional windsurfers sponsorship deals are an important part of their income. There are always a lot of things happening around that topic in the windsurfing industry.

Angulo Boards GutekFirst of all, Angulo managed to get Gutek Kurczewski (POL-75) on their team. This young talent has a beautiful track record already, being the 2009 Junior Slalom World Champion. And with Josh Angulo as your mentor, nothing can go wrong ;-).

Jesper Orth is joining KA Sails. He was sailing for Severne Sails. KA Sails is maybe not so familiar name but those sails are fast. Two of their riders broke the 50 knots barrier with a regular production sail. Very impressive. Lets see if Jesper can accomplish the same.

Dutch freestyler Davy Scheffers will enforce the Sooruz international windsurf team. Congratulations!

Finian Maynard is switching from Neilpryde to Gaastra. That’s remarkable since he has been part of the Neilpryde team for quite a while now. And Neilpryde sails are still considered as one of the best sail brands in the world. The new Gaastra Vapors are looking great too, though. Check out this sneak peek.


These 4 factors affect your speed

by Maarten on March 16, 2010

4. Build

Many windsurfers think that weight is a big factor in speed. Good physique does help. Because when you’re heavier you can more easily keep your windsurfing equipment under control.

Height also plays a role. Your body functions as a lever while windsurfing. If you’re taller you have more leverage than shorter people.
Does this mean that you aren’t able to go as fast as bigger sailors? Absolutely not! Build is the least important factor. For example, take Karin Jaggi. As a multiple world champion speedsurfing she proved many times that you can go very fast with a length of 168 cm.

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Planet Reef is back!

by Maarten on March 8, 2010

It’s now official. The Planet Reef party will be held on the 13th of June. During this event the election for the Dutch Miss Reef 2010 will be held. These parties are always very cool so be sure to block you agenda. Here can see the teaser for the Planet Reef party.

Soure: Planet Reef


5 reasons to join the GPS Team Challenge

by Maarten on March 4, 2010

Have you ever thought about joining the GPS Team Challenge or starting GPS speedsurfing? Here are 5 reasons why I joined this challenge and hopefully you will also after reading these reasons.

  1. Learn more about my favorite sport windsurfing

    Windsurfing has always been my favorite sport and I am windsurfing since I was eleven. After a while I noticed I reached a plateau. I wasn’t getting any faster or improving on other fields for that matter. By joining the Dutch Fun Speeders Team I hope I can remove that barrier and improve my windsurfing skills. [click to continue…]

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Point-7 2011 prototypes

by Maarten on February 28, 2010

The Point-7 team is working hard on the new sails for 2011. They look gorgeous as you can see on these pictures. The sails don’t contain any logo’s yet because they are prototypes. Point-7 is not a big sail brand in the Netherlands but with these sails that might change :-).

For some reason most people are always looking at the top brands when buying new windsurfing equipment (including me). Maybe I should have a bit broader look at things.

point-7 ac-3 2011 Prototype

point-7 ac-3 2011 Prototype


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