Naish Sails and Severne Sails update website

by Maarten on February 28, 2010

Naish Sails 2010 logoNaish Sails decided to update their website. It is available to you in four languages: English, French, German or Spanish. All the 2010 Naish Sails are on the website.

Severne Sails logoSeverne Sails also created a new website. The site is very good looking and you can find all the new 2010 sails on it. Also the new Severne Reflex which is developed with Björn Dunkerbeck.

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GPS Team Challenge

by Maarten on February 21, 2010

What is the GPS Team Challenge?

GPS Team ChallengeA lot of windsurfers by now know that it’s possible to measure speed with a GPS and post your results individually on sites like This idea inspired some members on the Seabreeze forum to set up a similar competition, but then between teams. A lot of people joined the discussion and this showed huge interest by the community. Eventually this lead to The GPS Team Challenge. [click to continue…]

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Tow-in windsurfing?

by Maarten on February 14, 2010

You probably have heard about tow-in surfing. With muscle power alone the surfer can’t make enough speed to get picked up by the wave. The solution is easy, the surfer is towed in onto the wave by a wave runner. The surfer is now able to get bigger waves.

I didn’t know that this was possible with windsurfing equipment. Kauli Seadi did a tow in session at big wave spot Jaws. On 1:03 you can see how he is towed in.

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Hiswa 2010

by Maarten on February 14, 2010

Hiswa Boatshow 2010Hiswa, one of the biggest dutch boat shows is coming up. The expo is not as big as BOOT Dusseldorf but you can still find a lot of boats and water sports related stands.

There is one major difference with BOOT, there are almost no windsurfing exhibitors. As a windsurfer I wouldn’t advice you to go there, only if you interested in boats, looking for tips on boat maintenance, rigging tips, navigational equipment or other related topics.

Here you can find out how to get there.

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A new Windsurfer International Magazine is out. This is a fairly new windsurfing magazine which you can find only online.  And that’s no coincidence.

Brain likes print but he has to say that even recycled paper doesn’t make up for the traditional methods print uses to publish everything because of the toxic inks, wasted paper and high shipping costs. Besides that, some magazines also “recycle” the content which have been seen online already.

I don’t fully agree because a lot of people forget how much environmental impact all the data centers have on which all the websites reside. Anyway it’s another great issue!

[click to continue…]

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Improving Mad Windsurfing

by Maarten on February 10, 2010

Lately I am thinking about redesigning the website. I like the clean look the website has and the fast loading times. The website is also is easy readable.

What I don’t like is the fact that my site is not very recognizable. It could be any site instead of Mad Windsurfing. The navigation is also not how it should be. Old articles are not found very easily and that is very important because I want to provide the best user experience possible.

Yesterday I rearranged the sidebar (see the columns on the left). It was cluttered and not al links were clicked on very frequently. Hopefully is the navigation improved by this change.

What do you think? What should be improved and what should stay? Leave here your comment.

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Boa Vista Surf trip – Cabo Verde

by Maarten on February 9, 2010

I guess I need to go to a warm tropical island again. Since all videos I am posting lately are shot at beautiful and tropical windsurfing spots. This video shows footage from a 2 week surf trip to Boa Vista which is part of the archipelago of Cabo Verde. …And here in the Netherlands it’s freezing…

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Windsurfing in the Carribean is hot!

by Maarten on February 7, 2010

The upcoming events prove that windsurfing is hot in that region of the world. But we all know that already! Beautiful weather, amazing spots and trade winds. Can you ask for more? Probably not. [click to continue…]

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Australian National Wave Sailing Titles

by Maarten on February 7, 2010

Another beautiful wave sailing video, shot at the the 2010 Australian National Wave Sailing Titles in Margaret River.

Via: Beach Telegraph

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Big wave windsurfing Tenerife

by Maarten on February 6, 2010

Tenerife had some great windsurfing conditions this winter (unfortunately not when I was on the Canary Islands). How good? Well check out the video below.  Windsurfers Dany Bruch and Alex Mussolini were filmed at the north shore in extraordinary waves.

Via: Windsurfer Today

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