These two articles are a worthwhile read, especially on slow or cold days without windsurfing.

Interview Chris Lockwood

Erik Loots from has interviewed Chris Lockwood. This windsurfer is very knowledgeable about windsurfing and is involved in the development of KA Sails.

Every year Chris Lockwood is among the top contenders with GPS speedsurfing. Erik has several questions about the windsurfing equipment he is using to get those high speeds and what is needed to break the world record. Read here the interview.

Check out this short video of Chris Lockwood in action:

Preview VMG Blades

Sean O’Brien from has updated his weblog and the redesign looks really great. This blog is one of the top windsurfing blogs in my opinion.

A lot of websites are just copying news but Sean is writing very informative windsurfing articles and shows he has really a wealth of knowledge to share. Here is a preview on the new fin company VMG Blades.