Surf Festival Makkum

A beautiful windsurfing event is marked on the calendar on 9 -11 October. An event with a very exiting program.

What can you expect at the European Surf Festival? Competitions, Seminars, 2010 windsurfing equipment and famous windsurfers!

Day 1 European Surf Festival

On Friday you can compete with other speed surfers in the F2 Speed Challenge. Naturally there will be a great price. The fastest windsurfer will win a brand new F2 Missle. You can register over here.

It’s absolutely no problem If you don’t feel like racing. Several big windsurfing brands will present the new windsurfing equipment for 2010. Neilpryde/JP organizes a rig and trim seminar.

It’s not all listening and watching because there will be a lot of testing equipment. Windsurfing is about being on the water and having fun! Identification is most of the time needed to get the testing equipment, so don’t forget your ID.

Surf Festival Makkum BrawzinhoFamous windsurfers like Dennis Littel, Dirk Doppenberg, Andre Paskowski, Marcilio “Brawzinho” Brown (on the left) and Kauli Seadi will be at the festival. In the evening you can share stories in Peter’s Bar.

Day 2 European Surf Festival

Day 2 will be similar to day 1. Besides the F2 Speed Challenge the Dutch Open Championships will be held. The 2010 windsurfing test equipment is still at your disposal.

Surfschool Funsport Makkum organizes introductory lessons for everybody interested in the windsurfing sport. So bring your “not windsurfing friends” along.

Andre will be interviewed about his new windsurfing video Four Dimensions. The latest windsurf video produced Andre. Four Dimensions presents the best wave, jump and Freestyle you can imagine. The film crew has already filmed on the legendary Capo Verde islands and Maui.

In the evening it’s time for partying at Peter’s bar and the screening of  “Four Dimensions”.

Day 3 European Surf Festival

Sunday will also give you more time to meet your favorite windsurfers and test new windsurfing equipment. The event will close with several award ceremonies. After the ceremonies it’s time to head home.

You can find more info about the event over here: European Surf Festival Makkum