andre Paskowski

Impression BOOT 2010

by Maarten on February 1, 2010

André Paskowski gives his take on BOOT in this short video. He will show you what you can do at the expo. It seems that there are more windsurfing stands than last year. Also great remark on 1.39 :-). I didn’t go this year because I was not very enthusiastic about BOOT 2009 & 2008 […]

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Windsurf video: Road Trip

by Maarten on January 24, 2009

Andre Paskowski published a new windsurf video in his Youtube channel. The video shows action from pro windsurfers Golito, Paskowski and their friends. All shots were taken in Sardinia. Check out the action!

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Windsurfers livechat

by Maarten on December 17, 2008 is organising a livechat session with Germanspeaking top freestyle windsurfers Andre Paskowski, Fabian Weber and Michael Roßmaier. These gentlemen will start chatting at 8 PM. One note, they will probably chat in German.

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Stacked a Windsurf Movie!

by Maarten on August 25, 2008

Like announced a few days back, Stacked a windsurf movie has been released. Check out the 10 minute video stacked with action from Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura: Let me know what your opinion is about the video! Personaly I liked the action but  Committed Reloaded was more professional with more high quality shots. The production […]

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