Speedsurfing at La Franqui

by Maarten on April 18, 2010

Here is Jan Wolters showing some nice speedsurfing at La Franqui. I really like that song. It’s called Cake – The Distance. Enjoy! Update: Erik loots did a nice interview with Jan. Check out his blog.

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These 4 factors affect your speed

by Maarten on March 16, 2010

4. Build Many windsurfers think that weight is a big factor in speed. Good physique does help. Because when you’re heavier you can more easily keep your windsurfing equipment under control. Height also plays a role. Your body functions as a lever while windsurfing. If you’re taller you have more leverage than shorter people. Does […]

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5 reasons to join the GPS Team Challenge

by Maarten on March 4, 2010

Have you ever thought about joining the GPS Team Challenge or starting GPS speedsurfing? Here are 5 reasons why I joined this challenge and hopefully you will also after reading these reasons. Learn more about my favorite sport windsurfing Windsurfing has always been my favorite sport and I am windsurfing since I was eleven. After […]

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Who should be in de Speedsailing hall of fame?

by Maarten on January 27, 2010

The ISWC has a poll online in which you can vote who will enter the hall of fame. The winner will be announced on the 1st of March. The nominees are:

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Tomorrow last Fun & Speed Meeting for 2009

by Maarten on October 2, 2009

The last Fun & Speed Meeting (FSM) of the year will take place at Strand Horst, the Netherlands. This windsurfing event is all about getting your windsurfing skill level up. But it’s also about having fun and help each other to improve. That GPS Speedsurfing is getting popular is shown by the more than 70 […]

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Karpathos is getting ready for the speed windsurfing world cup 2009. A lot of big names will be competing for world championship points and eventually the speed world title.

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Windsurfing in 2009!

by Maarten on January 6, 2009

A lot of people have new years resolutions for 2009. Setting goals is better name in my opinion. A few of my goals are in different categories like sports, work or are related to this website. I will focus in this post on the windsurfing goals.

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GPS Speedsurfing and Sponsoring

by Maarten on December 30, 2008

GPS-Speedsurfing.com has secured Neilpryde, Tushingham and Select as new sponsors. This is a very good development. GPS Speedsurfing is created and managed by volunteers so money is always needed to keep the site up and running. Creating and managing a site is not for free. Hosting, system administration, traffic are all things that must be […]

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Sunny weather and windsurfing

by Maarten on September 13, 2008

The weather forecast for this weekend wasn’t so good. The wind direction was the main cause. In the Netherlands wind from the east is not so good. Windfinder.com predicted a small 4 bft in the north of the country while the winfsurfing spots in my neighbourhood had no wind at all. I really wanted to […]

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Windsurfig GPS data combined with video

by Maarten on August 24, 2008

Some french windsurfers did a great experiment! With the help of special software (GpsarPR 2.7) they combined the GPS data and their headcam. As result you will see the speed and direction on the video from your windsurfing session combined. There is no need for a special cam. Every “normal” video camera is capable of […]

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