Karin Jaggi

Water Ladies – The movie

by Maarten on September 24, 2010

The PWA released a video report from the ladies only event in Almanare. During this final event Karin Jaggi secured the PWA World Championship title for 2010. Valérie Arrighetti was breathing in her neck and managed to win the event. She became second in the overall rankings. Check out the video:

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Severne Sails new sail sponsor Karin Jaggi

by Maarten on January 29, 2009

Severne Sails will become the new sail sponsor for Karin Jaggi! A few weeks ago people were speculating if Severne Sails or Maui Sails would become the new sail sponsor for Jaggi. Severne Sails has a really strong racing team because of this transfer. Bjorn Dunkerbeck is also on the team and doesn’t need an […]

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MauiSails new sponsor Karin Jaggi?

by Maarten on January 7, 2009

Word is going around that Karin Jaggi is looking for a new sponsor. MauiSails and Severne Sails are two brands mentioned as possible sponsor. Barry Spanier confirmed on the MauiSails forum that they are not  planning to hire Karin Jaggi and it are definite rumors. Who will sponsor Karin Jaggi is uncertain, but she will […]

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