MauiSails TR-8 Video presentation

by Maarten on January 27, 2012

In this video, sail designer Artur Szpunar explains what the main focus points were during the development of the TR-8 racing sail. He also talks about what has been improved compared to last year. The TR-8 is MauiSails top of the line racing sail and will be used by sailors like Micah Buzianis (see Micah picking […]

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How a new sail is born

by Maarten on March 5, 2011

The new March issue of the Windsurfer International Magazine has been released. As always, they have really good content. I liked the article about how a sail is developed from a concept to a sail in the real world. Barry Spanier himself talks you through the process. Go check it out.

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MauiSails TR-6 race sail in action

by Maarten on June 2, 2010

Maui Sails Just released a great action packed video about their fastest race sail, the TR-6. The sail designers Barry Spanier, Artur Szpunar and pro windsurfer Peter Volwater talk also about what has changed in this year`s TR-6. There is some great high-speed gybing in the video. So you can use this video to help […]

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Boa Vista Surf trip – Cabo Verde

by Maarten on February 9, 2010

I guess I need to go to a warm tropical island again. Since all videos I am posting lately are shot at beautiful and tropical windsurfing spots. This video shows footage from a 2 week surf trip to Boa Vista which is part of the archipelago of Cabo Verde. …And here in the Netherlands it’s […]

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MauiSails brochure 2010 now online

by Maarten on January 13, 2010

MauiSails released the 2010 catalog, information about their high performance sails like the TR-6 is also included. Take a look over here.

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MauiSails TR-6 2010 spotted!

by Maarten on November 25, 2009

I saw pictures on the french site Windsurfing44 with the new MauiSails TR-6 on it. This is one of the brand new windsurfing sails that will be part of the MauiSails 2010 range. The TR-6 is the successor to the MauiSails TR-5 which is a great sail. TR-6 will probably be available in these sizes: […]

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MauiSails TR-5 and TR-5xt in action!

by Maarten on February 26, 2009

MauiSails has this season two high end racing sails in their assortment: the TR-5 and the TR-5xt. Read here a short explanation of the difference between the two models.

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MauiSails new sponsor Karin Jaggi?

by Maarten on January 7, 2009

Word is going around that Karin Jaggi is looking for a new sponsor. MauiSails and Severne Sails are two brands mentioned as possible sponsor. Barry Spanier confirmed on the MauiSails forum that they are not  planning to hire Karin Jaggi and it are definite rumors. Who will sponsor Karin Jaggi is uncertain, but she will […]

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Peter Volwater to Maui Sails

by Maarten on December 24, 2008

Peter Volwater has MauiSails as his new sail sponsor. North Sails was his former employee. Dennis Littel and Josh Angulo have shown that you can go fast with the MauiSails TR-4 , see also MauiSails on track!. Peter Volwater announced his transfer on his own blog. This is what he said. Today it’s official I […]

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Windsurf video: MauiSails report Leba

by Maarten on August 18, 2008

I can do a lot of talking about this windsurf video. But checking this video report is a much better option! The shots are made by the MauiSails windsurfers:

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