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How to a make windsurfing sail

by Maarten on February 6, 2012

This cool video shows a time-lapse of how Ben Severne is building a Severe windsurfing sail. All the phases are shown. From getting all the panels ready, to putting the battens in the pockets, sawing on the mast luff and finally rigging the sail. Enjoy!

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Naish Sails and Severne Sails update website

by Maarten on February 28, 2010

Naish Sails decided to update their website. It is available to you in four languages: English, French, German or Spanish. All the 2010 Naish Sails are on the website. Severne Sails also created a new website. The site is very good looking and you can find all the new 2010 sails on it. Also the […]

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Blade 2010 in action

by Maarten on August 31, 2009

Severne Sails is one of those sailbrands promoting their 2010 windsurfing sails. Scott McKercher shows that with the Blade 2010 you don’t have to hold back. Checkout this video below.

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Severne Sails new sail sponsor Karin Jaggi

by Maarten on January 29, 2009

Severne Sails will become the new sail sponsor for Karin Jaggi! A few weeks ago people were speculating if Severne Sails or Maui Sails would become the new sail sponsor for Jaggi. Severne Sails has a really strong racing team because of this transfer. Bjorn Dunkerbeck is also on the team and doesn’t need an […]

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MauiSails new sponsor Karin Jaggi?

by Maarten on January 7, 2009

Word is going around that Karin Jaggi is looking for a new sponsor. MauiSails and Severne Sails are two brands mentioned as possible sponsor. Barry Spanier confirmed on the MauiSails forum that they are not  planning to hire Karin Jaggi and it are definite rumors. Who will sponsor Karin Jaggi is uncertain, but she will […]

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Severne Sails new sponsor Bjorn Dunkerbeck!

by Maarten on December 5, 2008

Again, very interesting news around North Sails and pro windsurfer Bjorn Dunkerbeck. He will leave North Sails for Severne Sails! Actually, it is not a big surprise since Starboard en Severne Sails are working close together. This switch is in my opinion a remarkable choice. Before he was windsurfing with Neilpryde and North Sails. Both […]

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