Windsurf video: Starboard movie 2012

by Maarten on February 9, 2012

Windsurfer international magazine released its 26th issue. The piece of content I recommend you to check out is the Starboard movie. This video shows all the top riders from the 2012 Starboard team rippin’ on the most beautiful spots. You can compare it a bit to the Mistral Committed Reloaded movie. That movie was more […]

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Finally I have the boards and sails that I always wanted. I went to BOOT (the boat show in Düsseldorf) and was lucky to find a Starboard isonic 121. A new one but then the 2010 model. I usually don’t buy new boards because buying them second hand can save you a lot of money. A […]

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New board

by Maarten on October 28, 2010

I set several goals in 2009. Finally I’ve reach one of them. I was planning to add more windsurfing boards to my quiver and so I did. I felt like I missed a lot of opportunities to surf and that had to be fixed. I had only a Starboard Hypersonic 105. This board has an […]

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Help with choosing a (Starboard) windsurf board

by Maarten on September 24, 2010

Starboard released a new tool to help you make a better board selection out of their range of windsurfing boards (and they have a lot of boards to choose from). I thinks it’s great that Starboard is releasing a tool like that. Off course will it help them to sell them the correct boards. As […]

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How to tune your quad fin wave board

by Maarten on August 9, 2010

Did you ever wonder how you should set up and tune your quad fin board? Starboard presents a short technical video which explains the 5 fin settings on the board. Check it out over here.

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Starboard: an inside look

by Maarten on May 14, 2009

The french Windsurf Magazine had a great inside look in the headquarters of Starboard. Windsurfer Cyril Moussilmani showed them around. A while back I posted a video from Kevin Pritchard who was also talking about Starboard and testing the iSonic windsurf boards. He showed a lot in his video, at least that was what Starboard […]

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Kevin Pritchard talks about testing at Starboard

by Maarten on December 24, 2008

Kevin Pritchard posted on his blog that he went to Thailand to test new shapes at the Starboard development headquarters a few days ago. In the short movie he tells us how the testing is going. I don’t get the impression that testing windsurf boards is a very stressful job 🙂 Update: Unfortunately the movie […]

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JP Australie new sponsor Antoine Albeau!

by Maarten on November 27, 2008

Another remarkable sponsor switch in the windsurfing world. World champion Antoine albeau will leave his Isonic Starboards and switches them for the Slalom boards from JP Australia. Rumors about Antoine switching were everywhere, especially after dunkerbeck switched to Starboard. Antoine Albeau signed a three years contract with his new sponsor. A quote from himself: This […]

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Starboard new sponsor Bjorn Dunkerbeck

by Maarten on October 7, 2008

Finally, it’s clear. Starboard will be the new board sponsor for Bjorn Dunkerbeck. There were a lot of rumours about him switching to another board brand. Also here on Lately, Bjorn Dunkerbeck was not performing so well. In Turkey he showed he has still a lot of skills, but not on his regular boards. […]

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