strand horst

  For all Dutch and other European windsurfers who windsurf at Strand Horst: It is now possible to buy a parking card for the new season. It will save you 10 euros when you buy it in the pre sale. The parking card will set you back € 32,50. Not that expensive if you ask […]

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Photo report Strand Horst – August 15

by Maarten on August 17, 2010

Sunday was a great windsurfing day in the Netherlands. The absence of wind started to annoy me a bit so I was really happy with this day. But the lack of wind in the passed weeks gave me some time to get my RS Slalom repaired without missing to much action. Anyway, Jeffrey (also a […]

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Dutch championship icesurfing 2010

by Maarten on January 16, 2010

This year the Dutch Championship Icesurfing will be held at Strand Horst today. The event should have taken place last week but was postponed due to bad weather conditions.

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Tomorrow last Fun & Speed Meeting for 2009

by Maarten on October 2, 2009

The last Fun & Speed Meeting (FSM) of the year will take place at Strand Horst, the Netherlands. This windsurfing event is all about getting your windsurfing skill level up. But it’s also about having fun and help each other to improve. That GPS Speedsurfing is getting popular is shown by the more than 70 […]

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Kitesurfers in trouble

by Maarten on May 9, 2009

Friday afternoon seem to be a great surfing day, but it turned out to be a horrible day. Because of the unpredictable weather several kitesurfers had an accident.

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Bjorn Dunkerbeck in action

by Maarten on December 6, 2008

I ran in to some old footage from Bjorn Dunkerbeck in action while I was looking for news about the man.Bjorn Dunkerbeck is about to switch from North Sails to Severne Sails. It was cool to see a pro windsurfer like Dunkerbeck on my homespot Strand Horst, the Netherlands. Check out the footage over here.

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Old windsurfing movie

by Maarten on February 20, 2006

Here is a short windsurfing video at Strand Horst (in the Netherlands). I was filming and just testing the camera on november 2003. By coincidence a few gps speedsurfers were on the water speeding. One of them was Neilpryde sponsored windsurfer Martin van Meurs. Check out the video here:

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