Jason Polakow presents JAWS

by Maarten on July 22, 2011

Usually I don’t just post videos but this one is just awesome. The footage of Jaws and the editing is just great. It’s almost a mini documentary. Check out Jason Polakow presents Jaws.

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We are just in the second part of 2011 and the first new 2012 windsurfing sails are hitting the market. North Sails released the new wave sail range for 2012. Besides familiar models, like the Ice and Duke, they also released two new ones. The new wave sails are called the Hero and ID Ultralight. […]

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How to tune your quad fin wave board

by Maarten on August 9, 2010

Did you ever wonder how you should set up and tune your quad fin board? Starboard presents a short technical video which explains the 5 fin settings on the board. Check it out over here.

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Incredible high jumps!

by Maarten on April 11, 2010

Some of the best PWA windsurfers went out equipped with the new ShadowBox with only one goal: to jump as high as possible. And so they did. Boujmaa Guillol managed to jump an amazing 62 feet (=18,9 meters). Check out this great action packed video with incredible high jumps. The ShadowBox is a new GPS […]

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Reunion wave classic: Watch all the action!

by Maarten on October 18, 2009

You had to wait for this movie but it was worthwhile. This video shows all the highlights of the competition at La Reunion Island. Expect hardcore wave riding in beautiful conditions. Watch it over here:

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Blade 2010 in action

by Maarten on August 31, 2009

Severne Sails is one of those sailbrands promoting their 2010 windsurfing sails. Scott McKercher shows that with the Blade 2010 you don’t have to hold back. Checkout this video below.

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A lot of people are always wondering how to rig and tune their windsurfing sail. With a wave sail it’s a bit easier than with a high tech racing sail. Still are there a lot of people not setting up their gear correctly. Alex Mussolini is giving you some handy (but basic) advice. You can also […]

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